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“Game of Thrones” wedding of billionaire Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

Alexandra Lenas and Swan Parker

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"All billionaires have their quirks, and what a pity that they are not like Sean Parker!" - Whispered the guests at the wedding of co-founder of Facebook and his beloved Alexandra Lenas. American tycoon arranged a wedding in the style of "Game of Thrones” series and it was called the most unusual ceremony of 2013 year. Californian forest Big Sur was furnished with wooden tables and chairs with fur pelts, Fences forged arches, decorated with floral arrangements, candles and flashlights - and it turned into the scene of this tale.

The bride has chosen the wedding dress by Elie Saab, and costumes of the guests were sewed by the costume designer of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" Ngilu Dixon. Happy groom, by the way, were spending money like water - as if he knew that the wedding of his dreams would be featured in Forbes and Vanity Fair.

Wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas in figures:

The cost of the organization: 4.5 million

The cost of decorations: a million dollars

The cost of forged gate 250 thousand dollars

Donations to the forest: 1.5 million

Number of guests: 366

Number of staff: 450 (24 of them hundreds of tailors and artisans)

Fresh flower petals and silk: 300 thousand

Animals at the ceremony: ten rabbits, five goats and a pony

Alcohol: more than a thousand bottles of wine, port and whiskey

Trees affected during the ceremony: zero

Bride and groom went dwn the aisle on a carpet of rose petals

Olivia Mann with rabbit

                                                                                                  Alexandra Lenas wearing Elie Saab dress

Alexandra Lenas and Swan Parker

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