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Elizaveta Peskova, Alesya Kafelnikova and other children of celebrities have chosen dresses for prom

Elizaveta Peskova, Alesya Kafelnikova

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The young it-girl, among them - Elizaveta Peskova, Alesya Kafelnikova, Sarina Turetskaya and others are unlikely to have any problems with buying prom dresses. If desired, they can not be limited to Moscow boutiques, aligning the search along with a nice weekend abroad. Another thing is how to pick out the best dress. Yesterday, 9 June, at the center of beauty Aldo Coppola in Zhukovka where the beauty-party was held, the stylists have helped the girls to understand what style suits them more and how to make a spectacular makeup and hairdo.

Debutante of last year's Tatler Ball, the daughter of President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov - Elizaveta Peskova - likes to stand out from the crowd. Even for such romantic holiday as graduation, she chose a bright and daring outfit - a set of crop top and tight skirt with the original mermaid hem in the style of the sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

“The most important thing in any look – to skillfully combine sexiness and elegance”, - Lisa says.

Elizaveta Peskova

Elizaveta Peskova


Curls, you just want to touch, the eyes, you can endlessly look into - this is only part of the perfect image of Alesya Kafelnikova. The dress and make-up, picked up by stylists, are perfect, says Alesya:

“I feel confident, and most importantly, comfortable. Very elegant and graceful styling, which is universally suitable for a family dinner, and for “coming out" party.

Alesya Kafelnikova

Alesya Kafelnikova


The daughter of the founder and leader of "Michael Turetsky Choir" - Sarina Turetskaya - the real Eastern beauty. Make-up stylists decided to emphasize the bright appearance of the girl by smoky eyes and dress with original ornaments and shiny accessories.

“Hairstyle is unusual, it's something new for me. I have never wore my hair back, have never created a bun. Today, my hairdo is also decorated with shiny accessories”.

Karina Kaitova

Karina Kaitova

Galina Haimova

Sarina Turetskaya and Dmitri Malikov

Alina Razumova

 Alesya Kafelnikova                                                       Polina Vasilchuk


During the preparation for the final ball, girls had discussion of the latest fashion trends, gossip, and, perhaps, the results of the exam, and time just got away. Moreover, soon the only gentleman - son of Inna Malikova, Dmitri joined them. He has recently graduated from high school and have enrolled at a culinary university in the city of Lyon in France.


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