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Dasha Zhukova outshined everyone at a wedding of Carly Kloss and Joshua Kushner

Dasha Zhukova got an Instagram page just a few weeks ago. Dasha Zhukova attended the wedding of the supermodel Carly Kloss and Joshua Kushner. The ceremony, attended by celebrities, was held in Wyoming in the style of the Wild West.

26-year-old Carly Kloss and her 34-year-old husband Joshua Kushner celebrated with friends and family a wedding in Wyoming. The marriage itself took place in the middle of October 2018 in New York in Jewish traditions, since the Kushner family is an Orthodox Jew. There were approximately 80 guests at the wedding.

However, the supermodel dreamed of having a crazy party. And last weekend the star guests gathered for a holiday stylized as the movie Brokeback Mountain. Carly Kloss was wearing a white lace dress with bare shoulders, and her husband chose a dark suit.

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Many close friends of the couple came to the party. Among them were Diana von Furstenberg, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Derek Blasberg and Dasha Zhukova. The latter has long been friends with Carly Kloss.

Dasha chose a cotton gray-blue dress with a deep neckline on the occasion of the holiday. Fans of Zhukova unanimously stated that in such a country-style outfit, she eclipsed the bride.

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There were rumors that some guests hardly got out of bed the next morning. By the way, Kloss herself adopted Judaism for the sake of marriage. And it is not yet known whether she drank alcohol.

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Carly Kloss and Joshua Kushner met in 2012 at one of the Victoria's Secret brand events. The couple have been together for seven years now. They announced their engagement back in July 2018. Then Carly showed a diamond engagement ring. At first, the parents of the younger brother of Trump's adviser did not favor the podium star. However, as soon as the supermodel accepted their faith, the hearts of the elderly melted and they accepted the daughter-in-law as their own.

So, before the wedding, the supermodel studied the Torah under the guidance of a rabbi in one of the most famous synagogues in New York. Kloss converted to Judaism, as did Ivanka Trump before marrying Jared Kushner, the brother of the supermodel's husband.


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