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Andrey Arshavin is going to marry Alice Kazmina

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According to the media, things are fine between Andrey Arshavin and his new passion Alice Kazmina. They are still together and there is no hint of a break in relations. Paparazzi managed to see the big diamond ring right on her finger... Most likely Andrey and Alice are pretty serious and are going to legalize their relationship in the near future.

It is worth noting, that Arshavin had been living for 9 years with the civil wife Julia, who gave birth to Arshavin’s three lovely children. But Andrey wasn't in a hurry to marry Julia Baranovskaya. Maybe Alice Kazmina managed to get a ring so quickly, because he has never felt this way before. Or maybe it's just a passion, who knows.

Andrey Arshavin does not comment on his personal relationships. According to his ex-wife Julia, Andrey didn’t pay maintenance to her. It was until she lodged a complaint against him for non-payment of maintenance. The judge awarded Arshavin alimony.

We just don't know that much about the new passion of Arshavin, Alice Kazmina. Alice was born July 7, 1982 in the city of St. Petersburg. She studied journalism at the St. Petersburg State University. Alice had once been married and she has two children from the first marriage.

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