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Alexander Ovechkin and Nastya Shubskaya got married

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Famous hockey player walked daughter of Vera Glagoleva - Anastasia Shubskaya down the aisle. Russian hockey player is known as "Alexander the Great", "Russian car" or simply "Ovi" . Son of the famous basketball player, team member of the USSR Tatyana Nikolayevna and "Dynamo" football player Mikhail V. 30-year-old Alexander Ovechkin has always had a stable career, but has not had a stable personal life. Alexander became acquainted with tennis player Maria Kirilenko, and proposed to her six months later. But wedding was cancelled - the athlete married another man. After the breakup with Kirilenko Ovechkin had relationship with many models.

But it seems that Ovechkin has found the love of his life. In September 2015 after less than a year of dating he proposed to his girlfriend Anastasia Shubskaya and she answered "Yes". Parents, friends and fans supported Ovechkin’schoice. Model, actress and the youngest daughter of the actress Vera Glagoleva is flawless: beautiful, intelligent, talented, fabulously rich. She fully reciprocates Ovechkin's sentiments.

Anastasia Shubskaya - the youngest daughter of Vera Glagoleva (the actress has two other daughters from her first marriage with Rodion Nahapetov - Ed.). Beloved of the famous hockey player followed in her mother's footsteps and chose cinema: she graduated from the VGIK and has starred in the films "Ferris Wheel", "Ca de Bou" and the "Woman wants to know ...".

Father of 22-year-old Anastasia - an influential businessman Cyril Shubsky, the shipowner, the president of the insurance company "Consent Alliance." According to various estimates the state of Anastasia’s father is estimated at between $ 2 to $ 5 billion. This hockey player earns millions of dollars each year - in 2008 he signed a 13-year contract with "Washington Capitals" a record in the history of the NHL $ 124 million.

He met Anastasia many years ago through a dancer Yegor Simachev, the ex-husband of Anastasia’s sister Anna Nahapetova.

In the image, shared to Instagram Anastasia is seen in a white dress.

Fans and the media immediately decided that the pair got married. The couple has received hundreds of congratulations, but did not comment on the event. The "Komsomolskaya Pravda" managed to talk with a Alexander Ovechkin’s friend, who was asked if it was true they were married: "The marriage was celebrated in church. The wedding will be in a year. "

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