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Aleksandr Vasilyev: "People who criticize Natalia Vodianova are Jealous of Her!

Natalia Vodianova Photo: Yuri Feklistov

The podium star Natalia Vodianova turned 35 years old. Her outfits are discussed by all who are not too lazy and are often criticized. And what will fashion expert Aleksandr Vasilyev say?

"I'll tell to all the lovely ladies who abuse Natalia Vodianova, it's just envy! - the fashion historian smiles. - It's very difficult to get into the category of top models. And Natalia poses for the covers of the most famous glossy magazines of the world, famous brands invite her to star in an advertising campaigns, to take part in the shows of outstanding contemporary designers. Professionals did not just choose Vodianova from thousands of other contenders by chance. I'm sure she did not have patronage. Natasha was born in Nizhny Novgorod, where she traded vegetables, and achieved everything herself in this life. Yes, she isn't a classic beauty, there are more effective women than she. But Vodianova's appearance is original, memorable. It is a Euro-Asian type, which is adored in Europe. Blue, widely set eyes, small nose,  naturally plump lips. So, don't chew Natasha, be proud of her! Because Vodianova has gained worldwide fame.

But Natalia Vodianova managed to become a podium superstar, a good mother, to stole the heart of a billionaire's son and so actively engaged in charity. I can not say that she has a certain style, because she always wears clothes from new collections of different designers. But this is her profession. Therefore, she always looks different. "

Effect for one evening

"The author of this outfit is one of the most famous designers of Russia. But such a dress, alas, can only be worn once in a lifetime. Why? It's too memorable. And this is the main principle of our heroine's wardrobe.

Rider's style, but without vulgarity

"Typical coats of the 1960s. All things are very compact, not wide, with small shoulders and narrow sleeves. Slightly flared silhouette, which Christian Dior offered in 1955 year. Apparently, oversize models do not fit Natasha. And a very interesting cape with a belt are from the 60's. I like this style of rider. Spectacular boots for riding do not look vulgar. It is obvious: we have before us the respectable young lady ".

Controversial decor

"Natasha stands on the square in a designer dress with a leather jacket. The dress maybe is controversial but not vulgar. There is nothing terrible in it".

"Steak with blood"

"Vodianova often chooses a shade of steak with blood. Does it suit blue-eyed blondes? Usually not. But dress looks harmonious thanks to the bright red lipstick".

Ski sweater, beach skirt

"Beloved of Natalia is Antoine Arnault, the son of a billionaire, owner of an empire of luxury goods. And in the meantime, ladies write that Natalia is dressed awfully, all things don't mx: a ski sweater, a beach skirt, boots for the office. But today's fashion is full of eclecticism. "

Without provocation

"Lace body and silk skirt. Perhaps, the most frank outfit. But there is a very closed bra underneth. So Natalia does not provoke anybody by her attire. And this is good".

This is a patented Vodianova stare

"A brown dress, too, I'm sure, from some famous brand. It suits her. And pay attention to this patented Vodianova naive look, I would say, even a little scared, to which many pay attention. This woman makes you want to protect her".


Only a brave lady can wear this

Fashion print "zebra "

Only a very confident woman can wear this thing. There are a lot of fashionable and expensive things from famous designers in the wardrobe of Natalia. But what if the woman has such a job - walking out for advertising purposes? 

Cross out the waistline

"Asymmetry is now in fashion. Like the combination of red, white and black. But does this style suit Natalia Vodianova? It seems to me, not very much. Large geometry "cuts" any female figure, even the ideal one. And the broad strips seem to cross out the chest and waist. "  

A wigged wonder or a bird of paradise?

"This outfit, in which the podium star recently appeared, was also actively discussed on the Internet. They wrote that it does not suit Vodianova, dress blends with her skin tone. And some people even came up with the name "a wigged wonder". What can I say about this lace toilet? Boudoir-linen style is in fashion today. If I'm not mistaken, it's a jumpsuit, which is trimmed with ostrich feathers at the bottom, and feathers of a bird of paradise above. Dear critics, if you only knew the price of one feather of a bird of paradise, the inhabitant of New Guinea! This is a unique gown, a true work of art. This is the image of an exotic bird, and not a wigged wonder".

Shorts save!

"The model chose the outfit of a favorite color - a steak with blood. Very bold cut, but it would look vulgar, if not shorts. They saved the situation. I note that only a very slender woman can afford the outfit of such a complex cut".

In mini, but without decolette

Natalia Vodianova with her daughter 

Vodianova flashes her long, beautiful legs in both dresses - gray and red. But at the same time Natalia adheres to an important principle. She does not open the decollete zone. I like the color of the sequins - red and burgundy. But if they were scarlet, the dress would look vulgar. But this is not Vodianova's style". 

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