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5 secrets of French style

secrets of french style

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French style is a dream of many women around the world. French women almost have developed a formula of elegance and ease called JE NE SAIS QUOI, which means something inexplicable, ineffable, a hallmark of the highest standard. "I just got out of bed and look ready to shoot for the cover of the magazine". But how do they do it? The answer is obvious: the French self-sufficient. In regard to fashion and beauty, they are hardly influenced by celebrities, designers and luxury brands.

A few time-tested secrets of French women:

The secret of French style №1

Less is better

"Elegance - is to be beautiful, both inside and outside" (Coco Chanel).

secrets of French style

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Looking at French women, it seems that they have perfect skin and natural hair from birth, that they exude fragrance Chanel №5 from the cradle.

However, this is nothing more than myth. The beauty of the French woman is the result of a few simple rules. French women know that a good skin is the foundation of any beauty regimen. They drink a lot of water and use good products for skin care, before they even begin to think of applying makeup. As for the makeup, they use gel to fix the shape of eyebrows, curl lashes and use mascara and a bit of concealer. The main rule: to focus on the eyes or lips (but not all at once!). And, of course, the French woman can not imagine herself without favorite perfume applied behind the ear or on the wrist.


The secret of French style №2


secrets of French style underwear

French women spend 20% of their annual salary on underwear! French women know that wearing beautiful underwear gives her a special charm. Wearing it, she exudes an aura of confidence and subtle sexuality. However, the French wear luxury underwear not to please the man but to feel confident!

The secret of French style №3

Key wardrobe items

key wardrobe items

Key wardrobe items complement other clothes in the French closet. She does not follow trends and develops her own identity, which makes her look easy. French thing must have: a little black dress, skinny jeans, skinny jacket or trench.

Style icon Ines de la Fressange said that she usually wears "cotton shirt, jeans and jacket."

As for the little black dress, it is related to the French fashion icon - Coco Chanel. No wonder the current designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, who has not parted with a portrait of Coco hanging in his studio, said: "In a little black dress is impossible to look too tacky or too modest."

little black dress

The secret of French style №4

Good shoes

ballet flats secrets of French style

The French prefer a stylish, comfortable shoes. Life in Paris is a thrilling adventure: alluring train, attractions, shops, cafes and bakeries ... why French women are always on the go. You'll never see French women in high heels, like Lady Gaga.

Whatever she chooses, heels, slippers or ballet flats, French woman looks elegant, and her shoes are always comfortable and high-quality and matches with her carefree style.

The secret of French style №5

Dress for yourself

secrets of French style

French women know that it is necessary to dress up for themselves. At an early age she chooses her own style - glamorous, bohemian, classic, romantic, edgy, chic and sexy.

fragrance secrets of French style

She builds her wardrobe on the basis of her aesthetic. Ines de la Fressange was once asked what the biggest misconception about the French style: "The fact that the French wear luxurious and well-known brands, and they follow fashion trends. This is not true; they buy things to feel good in them not to show off them. "

Wear something that makes you happy to wear - that's the secret of French women in the way of realization of the true French style!

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