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"You look great." Sofia Vergara appreciated the results of Victoria Bonya's plastic surgery



Sofia Vergara admired the results of Victoria Bonya's plastic surgeries.

Recently, Bonya posted a video on Instagram in which she showed part of her face after plastic surgery and with makeup done by Serdar Kambarov. “I show myself gradually, I feel calmer this way. Of course, there is still swelling, and it will last from a month to three, but you can already partially understand what your face will look like. Don’t judge harshly that I don’t have the courage to show myself fully yet, but I’m trying, because all this is very exciting,” the blogger signed the publication. Victoria Bonya Victoria Bonya and Serdar Kambarov/Social networks

The video was commented on by Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara. "I can't wait! “You look beautiful,” she wrote. Victoria promised in response: “I will return in March and personally show you everything,” accompanying her message with a heart emoji. Victoria's subscribers were amazed that she was supported by "Sofia Vergara herself." “With such support, no hate is scary,” wrote one of the followers. At the same time, other subscribers noticed that they did not see any result of the operations, but only beautiful makeup, and accused Bonya of dragging out her PR on her own face.


Victoria Bonya/Social networks

We would like to remind you that Victoria Bonya recently had plastic surgery with Dr. Chia Chi Kao, who shared the work process on social networks, including posting photos stars before surgery without retouching or filters. After Victoria herself began posting photos and videos of her face during the recovery process, she faced a wave of hate from Internet users who said that she had ruined her appearance and looked like Michael Jackson. In response, the celebrity accused the haters of cruelty and recordeda video messagein which she responded to the criticism.

It also became known that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs did not find any crime in the actions of Bonya, who was accused of fraud. In September, Victoria’s subscriber wrote a statement to the police, saying that he had joined the star’s paid Telegram channel to see her transformation after surgery. However, Bonya did not show her face, explaining that she did not have the required number of subscribers.

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