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Xenia Deli shares the wedding video six months after the ceremony

At the beginning of last summer, Xenia Deli has lost the status of enviable bride, becoming the legitimate wife of the influential Egyptian businessman Osama Fathi Rabah Ali Sharif. She sees her wedding as one of the happiest days in her life and shares photos and videos of the event

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Xenia Deli married more than six months ago, but still posts on Instagram wedding videos and photos 

Xenia Deli plunged into pleasant memories of her wedding and decided to share romantic wedding mini-video. In the video shared to Instagram, Moldovan model is seen in a white barouche adorned with fresh flowers and drawn by two horses, to the place of her wedding, where she was greeted by many guests and, of course, the handsome groom in a stylish suit. Incredible views of the island of Santorini, luxurious dress of Xenia in love look of bridegroom, happy guests ... It all seemed like a Hollywood movie!

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