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Xenia Deli has shown what kind of women Egyptian oligarchs choose

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After working in Russia, Xenia Deli came to Cyprus. Just arriving on a hot island, the wife of an Egyptian businessman immediately shared with subscribers her image in a bikini. 26-year-old model hints subtly, what kind of women Egyptian oligarchs choose.

The last week of July Xenia Deli spent in Moscow. The wife of Egyptian business arrived to Russia for work: she has become the main character in the video for the song "Hot" of young artist Roma Stein.

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When shooting came to an end, the model flew on holiday to have a rest after working days. The oligarch's wife went to the island of Cyprus, as she reported on Instagram.

Xenia shared to Instagram colorful pictures in a bathing suit. Xenia's image of herself in a multi-colored bikini and beach skirt with a graphic pattern, which emphasized the tall and slim figure of the girl, has clocked up a staggering 30 thousand "likes" and more than 160 enthusiastic comments since being posted a few days ago.

That, in principle, is not surprising: it is difficult to keep emotions, looking at the slim, sexy and feminine Xenia. However, men can only admire her from afar: at the beginning of the summer model became the wife of 62-year-old Egyptian businessman Osama Fathi Rabah Ali Sharif. Only oligarch is worthy of her, do you agree?

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