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Wife of Billionaire Ossama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif Xenia Deli is pregnant



Model from Moldova Xenia Deli made a great career and posed for the cover of Playboy in the company of Bruno Mars. And now a new phase in the life of the girl is beginning.

The other day, 28-year-old Xenia has shared a picture, in which she is seen in a bright yellow swimsuit, which emphasized  her baby bump. 

Fans for the girl are very happy: "Finally! It's high time! "," You are a wonderful couple, I wish that pregnancy and childbirth passed easily and without problems". 

Recall that in 2016, Xenia got married to Egyptian billionaire, the president of the Amiral group Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif. The wedding took place on the Greek island of Santorini and became one of the most discussed in the press - the groom spent about a million euros on the celebration. 

Ossama is 36 years older than his wife, but the age difference does not bother the couple. According to some friends of the couple, the billionaire began to look not only younger, but also more elegant next to a young and beautiful wife

The 28-year-old model of Xenia Deli and the 64-year-old Egyptian billionaire Ossama Fathi Raba Al-Sharif have been married for almost two years. Their luxurious wedding took place in 2016 in Santorini. Gossips believe, that the girl entered a marriage of convenience, but she proved that married for love.

In January there were pregnancy rumors , but then the information was not confirmed. However, now Xenia herself reported the joyful news. The fans began to congratulate the girl with an imminent addition: "Xenia , I sincerely rejoice for you! Happiness and health to you! ","Congratulations! With such a small miracle !!! "," It's a great happiness , to be a mother !!! Let a healthy and wonderful baby be born. " ( Spelling and Punctuation Author's .- Ed .).

Deli did not tell the details, the girl keeps the gender of the future child in secret. Recall, before the marriage, Xenia dated the singer Egor Kreed, who is now seeking love on the project " Bachelor ".

The couple got married in June 2016
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