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Why did Neymar turn down a date with model Anna Lis? Even though he broke up with his girlfriend the other day




PSG striker Neymar has a stormy personal life. Just a few days ago, he broke up with blogger Bruna Biancardi. And then the media write about his affair with model Anna Lis. But while the initiative is more shown by the girl. 


Neymar and Bruna Biancardi Neymar and Bruna Biancardi

Why did he break up with Bruna Biancardi?

Neymar dated Brazilian model and blogger Bruna Biancardi for two years. They met at a New Year's party in 2020, which was hosted by a football player in the midst of a pandemic. From that moment on, Bruna and Neymar had an affair. Bruna Biancardi Bruna Biancardi

But on August 17, the girl on social networks spoke about the breakup with the football player. “I'm tired of reading all sorts of gossip, so I explain - yes, I am currently without a relationship. Did Neymar cheat on me? I still have a good relationship with him and his family, don't believe the media," Biancardi admitted. Bruna Biancardi Bruna Biancardi

Ditched Bruno Marchesini shortly before the wedding

This is not Neymar's first high-profile breakup. In June 2017, he broke up with actress Bruna Marchesini, and shortly before the wedding. Later, the beauty admitted that Neymar became the initiator of the gap.


Bruna Marchesini and Neymar Bruna Marchesini and Neymar Bruna Marchesini “Yes, we are no longer together, it was his decision. But we parted with respect for each other, I feel gratitude to him for everything that we experienced together. I'm already fine," Bruna told Vogue magazine. Neymar and Marchesini have been dating since 2012, although they have broken up several times before.


Bruna Marchesini and Neymar Bruna Marchesini

Turned down a date for training


Neymar did not grieve for long after breaking up with Biancardi. Famous model Anna Lis leaked correspondence with the PSG forward. At first, Neymar reacted to the photo of the girl, and then refused to go on a date with her because of the training. Neymar's correspondence with model Anna Lis Neymar's correspondence with model Anna Lis

Neymar : Beautiful photo

Anna : Come and take a closer look

Neymar : Too far

Anna : Nothing prevents you from coming

Neymar : Work gets in the way

By the way, this does not look like Neymar at all. Previously, he allowed himself to skip workouts or come drunk. Has the football player come to his senses and puts work above personal interests? Model Anna Lis It didn't work out with Bruna Marchesini, and neither did it with Bruna Biancardi. Apparently, Neymar is not at all lucky with this name. Maybe something will grow together with Anna Lis? Only for this, a football player should find free time in his work schedule. 


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