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What's behind his beauty: you can not guess the secret of this beautiful model from Israel Stav Strashko!

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Career of Stav Strashko could be the envy of any model: he has already participated in the Donna Karan and Thom Browne shows, co-starred in the provocative advertising Toyota Auris, which was immediately banned, and became the face of Diesel.

Stav Strashko, in fact, was born a man, but manages to make a career in the fashion industry both as a male and as a female model! Fashion brands want Stav to be in the role of women and the role of men. He said in a recent interview why he does not want to be defined with any gender.

The model satisfies the standarts of the fashion industry for both sexes: height - 180 centimeters, photogenic face with high cheekbones and full lips, long blonde hair, moderately muscled body. He signed contract with One Management modeling agency, which signed up with Karolina Kurkova and Helena Christensen.

The first model who amazed the audience with his gender-neutral appearance was Andrej Pejic. His participation in fashion shows inspired a lot of designers on various creative experiments. After several years of successful career, the young man decided to change sex and become Andrea.

Stav Strashko is not in a hurry to change the sex and says that he is all right as he is.

Stav is angry that society had created stereotypes that everybody should belong to one of the sexes. Strashko consider himself transgender, although he hadn’t had a gender reassignment surgery yet.

As a child, the young man had hard times: he could not figure out who he really was, why he looked like a boy, and felt like a girl. "I realized that I was different from other men, I was afraid how people would react and kept everything a secret", - says Strashko.

However, despite the doubts, the struggle to survive is always tipped in his favour. At age of 14 he left home. At the age of 16, he was noticed by scouts. The fashion industry has become his shelter. He was not forbidden to be "strange" any more, and his unusual appearance only helped him to increase his fees.

In his personal life he is still a "girl": "I have a boyfriend who loves me for who I am. And I do not want to change anything in myself ", - says Stav Strashko.

Now Stav Strashko has 36 thousands subscribers on Instagram. He thrills and inspires some by the beauty and power of the spirit, with some he causes protest - but, as a rule, he does not leave indifferent.

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