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What did Maria Sharapova do for a whole year without tennis?


Maria Sharapova

Today, on April 26, 2017, the legendary Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova (30) will return to the court as part of the Stuttgart Open tournament after a 15-month suspension due to the use of meldonia and will play against Italian Roberta Vinci (34). On this occasion, we remember what Masha did without tennis.

Wrote a book

The first and most important: Sharapova wrote an autobiography (although she does not like this word very much). Here Sharapova wrote about everything: and childhood, and tennis, and even ill-fated meldonia. The book is called "Unstoppable".

Got into Harvard

Last summer Masha shared a photo on the background of Harvard with a caption: "I can not wait for study!" It turned out that Sharapova got into university to undergo a two-week business program. Yes, great athletes also have to write synopses and teach them by heart.

Released Sugar candy sweets  

The brand of sweets, chocolate and chewing gum Sugarpova appeared long before the doping scandal, and, judging by the fact that her sweets are sold only in the "ABC of Taste" and "Globe Gourmet", she sells them well. Sharapova even stood up for the cashier herself in one of the shops in the small city of Franklin in the United States. True, Masha distributed far more autographs than sweets ...

 Plunged into social life

Concert of Adele (28) in Los Angeles,  "Oscar-2017" afterparty, charity parties, covers for Vanity Fair Spain and the Times and much more - all this would not be in Sharapova's life, if not meldonia. Maybe Maria really needed a breath of fresh air outside the tennis court?

True Sharapova has not found a boyfriend - her heart is still free. Apparently, she was pretty out of it, and we perfectly understand her!

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