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«Victoria Secret» Angel Viktoriya Snisarenko asks David Duchovny for a few million payoff

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Viktoriya Snisarenko is a model well-known in the world. She was born in Kiev. There she graduated from the Institute of State and Municipal Management. Then she worked as an economist. But quickly realized that with her looks is better to earn money in another area. She has plenty of lucrative contracts, but it is not enough for her. After seeing her photo in the Californication series, Vicky decided to ask David Duchovny, who's holding her mug shot in his hand, for a few million payoff.

- I was even more speechless about the situation when I saw myself in the Californication TV series! It is very strange that the filmmakers favoured me above a billion of beautiful girls, - said Viktoriya. - I'm just shocked by this strange act of Duchovny, who didn't even ask producers, who was in the picture, and if I’d ever given the permission. Of course, I don't remember giving them permission! No one asked, this is outrageous!

In principle, Snisarenko might has a good chance. Under Russian law, using of someone's photo without his or her permission is illegal. This was written in the article 152.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. But there are cases where the permission is not necessary.

Viktoriya has already appealed to the studio where the show was filmed. But they were unable to agree. The girl does not fear to follow through. She is sure, that during a personal meeting with the "Agent Mulder", which, according to Snisarenko, will happen soon, all issues will be solved. On mutually beneficial conditions.

Viktoriya has recently become one of the «Victoria Secret» Angels

In any case, this scandal has already paid dividends in multiple publications and articles about Viktoriya. Before that, in May, she participated in the program "Let's get married!", where, she was humiliated and trampled.

- They said that I'm looking for a sponsor. What a nonsense? I have always earned money since school years - complained model. - they're just silly perversions. I told my ex-boyfriend was a boxer and jealous. And show host concluded that he kept me locked up and used to beat me. Everything is clear - this is a show, but hosts distort facts! It's just rudeness!

For information: Viktoriya's modeling career began with the shooting in the music video of Leonid Agutin and Tomas Nevergreen for the song "Ay-yay-yay", where she played a sexy nun. The girl started to receive offers from all sorts of clothes and cosmetics brands. Snisarenko participated in many photoshoots for men's magazines. Viktoriya is not shy. Quite the contrary - she believes that it is a sin to hide her beauty under clothing. By the way, about her parents:

- My father - a Ukrainian. I inherited emotions, adventurism and endurance from him. And my mother - a distinctly Jewish. I inherited mind, ease and pride from her. I always remember what kind of blood flows in my veins, - said model.

So, long story short, David Duchovny was unlucky, we can tell - a very hot girl is already digging into him. On the other hand, who knows where this “conflict” will end. Duchovny is a lover of women (he once was even treated for hypersexuality)! He will hardly resist the temptation to have an affair with this princess...

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