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Victoria Lopyreva told how she survived bullying


37-year-old Victoria Lopyreva told how she was preparing for the beauty contest, which in 2003 brought her the title and crown. The model said that beautiful women are not appreciated in Russia.

The wife of the deputy head of the government of the Komi Republic Igor Bulatov carefully monitors herself. She strives to always look perfect. Victoria revealed secrets that make it easier to endure long flights. The star noted that she always sleeps on the plane and observes simple rituals.

“You need to take care of yourself as much as possible. No alcohol, drink plenty of water. From the first minute I begin to live according to the time of the country to which I flew. If necessary, I force myself to struggle with sleep or go to bed early, ”said Lopyreva.


Victoria admitted that for a long time she did not know how to do professional makeup facebook

The young mother admitted that she did not dream of a modeling career, but wanted to become a sports journalist. Since childhood, the girl watched the success of her mother, who worked as a fashion model, so she imagined what a huge work behind a beautiful picture. Victoria was invited to fashion auditions from the age of 14, but she attended them without much enthusiasm. She managed to win several local competitions, and then, according to the model, she was delayed by easy successes.

“I won the Model Don contest by accident, and then a few more. The excitement gradually turned on - she stopped just before the Miss Universe contest. The only "Miss Russia" who did not go there. This was my decision because I was studying. A few days ago we discussed this topic with friends from Mexico. And a friend says: "Come on, look who won the year you didn't go." We open, and there is a blonde my year of birth, but from Australia. And in beauty contests there is such a thing as a trend. And he says: "Do you understand that you would win?", - explained the model. 


Victoria dreamed of becoming a sports journalist, facebook

The catwalk and glossy star is sure that the culture of beauty contests in Russia has just begun to develop. According to Lopyryova, in Venezuela, girls from childhood are professionally prepared for performances, and they are suitable for this with all responsibility.

“When I won the competition, I didn't even know what tufts to stick on eyelashes were, simply because they were not there. And I put on makeup myself in the toilet with a small mirror. I look and think, and who, in fact, taught me to dye my eyebrows. There was no professional makeup, there was nothing. I seem to be beautiful, but I looked at Hispanic women - and I saw that they had 5 times more hair, 4 times longer eyelashes, ”said the titled beauty.


Model survived bullying after winning a beauty contest Model survived bullying after winning a beauty contest.

After winning the competition, the girl faced bullying. For a long time Victoria could not get rid of the image of a frivolous beauty. The model was often accused of having connections with wealthy sponsors. The star complained that stereotypes associated with appearance are still alive in Russia.


Victoria Lopyreva with her husband and son, 

“I had to constantly defend myself and make excuses until the moment when my formation as a person took place. "Is this Miss Russia?" - many said with a grin. The devaluation of female beauty in the country is total. Even in America, Italy, Argentina, if you walk down the street without makeup, with a tail and in jeans, you hear an admiring "Wow!" You feel differently because you are admired and complimented. In Russia, everyone is spoiled by a large number of beautiful women. Constant rivalry at the household level, ”complained the instadiva. Victoria Lopyreva with her husband and son

Victoria admitted that she survived self-isolation quite easily. The model now has the opportunity to devote more time to her husband and son. The star assured that she was not going to participate in the vaccination. “I definitely won't. I cannot answer for the rest of the family members. I don't know if I can talk about this if the vaccine becomes mandatory. Of my own free will, I will definitely not bet. I have a fairly strong immune system, I lead a healthy lifestyle, ”the model said on the Espresso Show on Russian America TV.



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