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Tina Kunakey showed off a rare photo with a three-year-old daughter from Cassel


Kunakey became a mother in April 2019.

Photo: EPA

On July 28, 25-year-old Italian model Tina Kunakey posted a photo to Instagram Stories of herself relaxing on the beach with her three-year-old daughter Amazonie.


Kunakey poses in a white bikini, clutching her daughter. The model very rarely shares joint photos with her child online. Screenshot: tinakunakey / Instagram


  • Kunakey was born in 1997 in Toulouse.
  • Her mother is Italian, originally from Sicily, her father is a native of Morocco.
  • In 2018, Kunakey married French actor Vincent Cassel.
  • In April 2019, the couple had a daughter .
  • Kunakey collaborated with the brands Jean Paul Gaultier, Loreal, Armani.
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