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The younger sister of Natalia Vodianova Kristina Kusakina

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The model and founder of “Naked Heart" Fund Natalia Vodianova has a beautiful younger sister Kristina Kusakina. Living and studying abroad, 20-year-old girl got an arts degree... A graduate of the St. Catherine's British School prefers St. Petersburg (she thinks the northern capital is the most beautiful city) to London and remembers the gift, brought by Vodianova from her first trip abroad - a huge lollipop, that impressed a girl from a modest family very much.


The elder sister is proud of Kristina - she brilliantly passed the practice at the auction house Christies, entered the American University in Washington, DC and is not going to be in the shadow of a supermodel.

Sister of Natalia is very like her: bright eyes, honey wheat blond hair, thick eyebrows. Obviously, Kristina could repeat the success of Vodianova in the modeling business.

Her first public appearance Kristina made a few years ago: in 2014 Kusakina participated in The first Debutante Ball held by Tatler Russia magazine. She wore a gown by Oscar de la Renta and performed the first waltz on the well-known Ball.

Sometimes she goes out with Natalia and her boyfriend Antoine Arnault, learns Spanish and reads detectives.

Natalia is Kristina’s sister on their mother's side.. Also, the model has a middle sister Oksana, who was born with special needs.

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