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The niece of John F. Kennedy Kyra Kennedy became a model

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20-year-old niece of John F. Kennedy rarely gives interviews, and if she does, she is mostly talking about the heavy burden of unwanted fame.

However, every rule has an exception. She took part in the show of her friend - a student of the New York College of arts, business and technology in the fashion industry, Andrew Warren, the founder and designer of the brand Just Drew. Later Kyra has appeared in the lens of the photographer Alana O'Gerlii.

Earlier the name of the daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - the brother of the late US President John F. Kennedy - appeared in the newspaper story that says that she tried to get into the club using her sister’s I.D. (although she insists that everything is just a rumor) .

At this time, an occasion is more worthwhile.


The model debut of Kyra took place at the show of the February Fashion Week in New York, during which she walked down the Runway with a shy smile. Designer commented on the Kyra’s participation in the show:

“She is very shy. She says that she would’ve never walked down the Runway if it wasn't for me. Kyra does not seek fame, she participated in the show just because we're best friends, and she is willing to do anything for her friends”.

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Well, if Kyra does not seek fame, the Andrew Warren will never renounce it, otherwise why would he have needed a shy young lady with a great name on podium?

However, if Kyra doesn’t agree to do "anything" for the sake of her friend and refuses to participate in the next show, Warren's still has a lot of friends with well-known names: the youngest daughter of Donald Trump - Tiffany Trump, great-great-granddaughter of artist Henri Matisse - Gaia Matisse, the daughter of musician “Jellybean” Benítez - Reya Benitez and etc.

“My collection was inspired by the style of my friends and myself in New York. I grew up in New York, so I have a lot of friends from different circles. I love the style of Kyra: she is elegant, but at the same time a real Wild Child. She effortlessly belongs in the spotlight”, - says Warren.

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