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The new Internet star 20-year-old model with a small waist Anna Targoniy

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20-year-old model from Astana Anna Targoniy wins Instagram, as well as Spain and America because of hourglass body shape. However, the most outstanding part of Anna became her small waist - it is only 54 centimeters. According to statistics, it is one of the smallest waists in the world.

Girl began practicing professional sports at the age of 15, since then she reduces the waist size and increases ass. On her personal Instagram page girl constantly puts pictures where her waist and butt look literally on the verge of fantasy.

Anna was born in Karaganda, and now lives and builds a career in Astana. On 6 June the girl turns 21 years old. She has a boyfriend, who is also outstanding. Anna’s height is 173 cm, whereas the height of her boyfriend reaches 208 cm.

Being slim and beautiful Anna must take after her mom: a mother of the model has the same elegant figure in her 44 years.

On Instagram model has 102 thousand followers. With the help of social networks, Anna talks about her life, competitions and shows in which she participates, promotes diet food and sports programs. Men compare model with a Barbie doll. According to Anna, she weighs 49-50 kg, she works out twice a day, every day: cardio workout for relief, strength, swimming, stretching, choreography, ballet and light elements of rhythmic gymnastics. She can easily do the splits.


It is possible that she did plastic surgery. Compared with the images of 2014, she has enhanced the lips and got the nose gob.

Today, the owner of the smallest waist in the world is 67-year-old Cathie Yung, her waist in a corset which she always wears, is only 20 centimeters.

There is also a girl model, whose waist is 40 cm (Nelly Orton), the German model Michele Koebke reduced waist with help of corsets and diets from 64 to 40 cm. 50-cm waist of Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg included in the list of the most small waists. The waist of actress Dita Von Teese is 55 cm. Also, to this list can be added "Russian Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova, who even removed some ribs to have a small waist.


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