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The found sister of Natalia Vodianova, who was raised by foster parents, may be her daughter


Natalia Vodianova/

The found younger sister of Natalia Vodianova Maria (Jennifer), whom the supermodel spoke about in an interview for the December issue of Vogue, may actually be her daughter. The telegram channel "I'll tell you everything" writes about this .

The channel suggested that in fact it was not Vodianova’s mother who gave birth to the child, but Natalia herself: the allegedly 18-year-old model, who was just starting her career, became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter from model scout Alexei Vasiliev, with whom she had at that time, presumably there was an affair. After the birth of the girl, Natalya allegedly decided to give the child up for adoption by a wealthy family in the United States so as not to sacrifice her career. As noted in the telegram channel, Jennifer looks like her alleged father.



Natalia Vodianova with her sister Natalia Vodianova with her sister/Vogue/Annie Leibovitz

“Natasha’s 18-year-old career has gone uphill, no one needs a model with a baby,” they commented on the telegram channel “ Only to Nobody .” “Mothers would feed the remaining two daughters with health problems, and here is another one. So Natasha suggested surrender the daughter to foster parents.

Earlier, Natalia Vodianova first spoke about the fact that she has a sister who was given up for adoption in infancy and whom Vodianova had not seen for 22 years. Vodianova admitted that she herself suggested that her mother give the girl to foster parents so that she would not live in difficult conditions and poverty. Vodianova added that years later she tried to find her sister and even hired private detectives, but her searches did not give any results. The girl found her relatives herself on a special site for finding relatives by DNA.

Natalia Vodianova was married to the British aristocrat Justin Portman and had three children from him: Lucas, Neva and Victor. She also has two sons, Maxim and Roman, from Antoine Arnault, who later became her second husband. Antoine Arnault is the heir to the multi-billion dollar empire of Bernard Arnault.

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