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“The driver molested me!”: Transgender Barbie declared perverts


Jessica Alves admitted that she was discriminated against after her sex change operation. The 38-year-old model spoke about the unexpected difficulties she had to face.

Transgender "living Barbie", as Jessica is called, lost all her TV contracts and commercials after she returned to London. Alves, upset, said that her friends turned away from her, and the guys with whom she goes on dates are blocking after they find out that she used to be a man. However, perverts often pester her.

“Yes, I am cured of what used to make me feel bad, but I am completely alone. In addition, I was afraid to live because of the increased attention of men, ”Jessica shared her feelings. The model is determined to raise people's awareness of the trans community. Jessica admitted that because of the sex change, her friends and colleagues turned away from her.


The TV presenter could hardly get rid of the annoying driver who could not let go of the spectacular blonde . “He insisted on coming up to my apartment for a cup of tea. I was so nervous at that moment ... But I managed to leave safe and sound, ”Alves assured.

However, despite such incidents, the transgender “living Barbie” claims to be happy. “Life has never been so wonderful. Yes, many friends left, I lost contracts, but last year was the best for me. I rediscovered myself. Everything was new, ”the model told the Daily Mail. Jessica is happy that she decided to have a sex change operation.

On February 19 last year, Jessica underwent sex reassignment surgery . For her, this date was the second birthday. For a year, the TV presenter found her own style, learned what kind of men she likes and what scares them in women, as well as how to deal with their unhealthy attention. Thanks to dating apps, Jessica weeds out those who are unlikely to please her. The model immediately says that she is transgender. If a man continues to communicate with her, and does not block, then Alves gladly goes on a date with him.


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