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The age of Timati's girlfriend Valentina Ivanova, whom he gave a Porsche for her birthday, shock fans


Valentina Ivanova and Timati/Instagram

The girlfriend of 40-year-old rapper Timati, model Valentina Ivanova, said on social networks that she turned 20 years old. And also that the artist gave her a Porshe car for her birthday. “Thank you, my love, keep sending me into space. 20,” she wrote on Instagram.


Valentina Ivanova Valentina Ivanova/Instagram

Many write that Ivanova looks not 20 years old, but at least 30. Some also noted that they were personally acquainted with the model and even studied with her: they claim that Timati’s beloved is 28 years old.

The rapper’s gift and his girlfriend’s age are also discussed on Telegram.

“Depending on the configuration, one of these now costs an average of 20-30 million rubles. Everyone would like such a gorgeous gift at 20. Or at 30? Valya continues to persistently say on social networks that she has turned 20. However, according to rumors, the girl thoroughly cleaned up her biography and is actually 10 years older,” writes the telegram channel “Only to anyone.”


“The most stubborn fact of this morning is that Timati’s girlfriend Valya Ivanova is only 20 years old. In any case, that’s what Valya herself claims,” writes the Babskaya Smoking Room channel .


Valentina Ivanova/Instagram


Valentina Ivanova Valentina Ivanova/Instagram


Valentina Ivanova and Timati/Instagram

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