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Supermodel Linda Evangelista spoke about her experience of domestic violence


Linda Evangelista in the documentary series "Supermodels"

Linda Evangelista revealed in the documentary series Supermodels that she suffered domestic violence throughout her six-year marriage to her ex-husband Gerald Marie. According to her, the former head of the Elite Model Management modeling agency did not specifically hit her in the face because it “brought money”

Supermodel Linda Evangelista said that she was subjected to violence by her ex-husband, Gerald Marie, who was previously the head of the Elite Model Management modeling agency. She spoke about this in the documentary series “The Super Models,” which premiered on streaming on September 20.

Evangelista married Gerald Marie in 1987, when she was 22 years old and her husband was 37 years old. Their marriage lasted six years, and, according to the model, throughout this period her husband beat her. She also said that Marie never hit her in the face because it “brought money.” According to Evangelista, it was very difficult for her to end this abusive relationship - her husband only allowed her to leave when he realized that he would “get everything.” The model just wanted to “feel safe and have freedom.” Material on the topic Mutual help network: how women escape domestic violence in Russian regions

“It's easier said than done when it comes to leaving an abusive relationship. I understand what I'm talking about because I lived in similar conditions. The issue of separation is not resolved simply by the phrase “I want a divorce, see you.” It doesn’t work like that,” said Evangelista.

In 2020, more than ten women in France accused Gérald Marie of rape. They alleged they were subjected to sexualized abuse by the then-head of modeling agency Elite Model Management in the 1980s and 1990s while working as models. Marie then denied all accusations, saying that he "never committed the slightest act of violence." In February 2023, French prosecutors closed the investigation against him due to the expiration of the statute of limitations for the alleged crimes.

In the documentary series, Linda Evangelista said that it was the courage of women who spoke about their experiences of violence that helped her share her story. The model said she believed the women's statements and praised their "courage and strength." "The strength of all these women who were able to come forward gave me the courage to speak out now. I would like justice to prevail. I would like all these idiots to think twice before doing something and be afraid of the consequences, and for women to know that they are not alone,” added Evangelista.

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