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Supermodel Adriana Lima showed off her figure in a tight dress six months after giving birth


41-year-old Brazilian model and one of the most beautiful  Victoria's Secret "angels" Adriana Lima for the first time in a long time appeared in public with her lover. Together with producer Andre Lemmers, the burning brunette dazzled at the premiere of the film " Eyre " in Los Angeles.

Although the couple did not officially formalize their union, they have been happy together for about two years. And in August 2022, Adriana became a mother for the third time .

It was after the birth of the third child that many drew attention to how much the appearance of the model had changed. Lima's "new figure" became the subject of discussion at the end of 2022 - then she first appeared on the podium after pregnancy . Due to external changes, many did not even immediately recognize Adriana.

There were also those who, on the contrary, praised the courage of the model who took part in the show, despite the unusual parameters.

Lima's new exit, seven months after the birth of her son, once again demonstrates to the world that the happy Adriana is pleased with herself and is not at all going to hide her new look. She emphasized all the advantages of her figure with a tight scarlet dress and proudly posed at the premiere both alone and in an embrace with Lemmers.

By the way, we recently wrote about another Victoria's Secret "angel": model Barbara Palvin got engaged to her lover - actor Dylan Sprouse - after five years of relationship.

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