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Russian model in Chapurin dress at Cannes Film Festival

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Cannes Film Festival continues. This morning, the Russian premiere of the movie “The Student" by Kirill Serebrennikov screening in the Un Certain Regard section at Cote d'Azur. And while the stars are photographed on the red carpet to the delight of the paparazzi and fans, there's a life outside this cinema theatres. Open you a secret: In addition to diamonds, the best friends of beautiful girls ... are Yachts! Snow-white beauties, quietly drifting on the Mediterranean Sea ... A young yet very professional Russian model Anna Matytsyna went on the boat of one of the super-yachts.

This super-yacht is owned by Thomas Leclercq, whose father, Mathieu Leclercq, - one of the richest men in France, owner of the largest "Decathlon" sports network. All members of the Bright Young Things, celebrities and wealthy French adore his parties. Partying on this boat just is a vastly fashionable pastime in Cannes.

Anna went on the boat of the beautiful yacht in mini-dress from one of the most famous Russian designers - Igor Chapurin. By the way, Matytsyna became an Ambassador of CHAPURIN brand, so a long wait for an invitation from the Leclercq was not necessary. Anna’s dress is decorated with metallic finish that simulates the scales on the tail of mermaid. On the other hand, one can not draw an analogy with a chain mail of a warrior of the past centuries.

Matytsyna in CHAPURIN dress

The top of the dress is made of black satin that intelligently balances the bulky mini-skirt. Open arms allow to focus on the fragile collarbones and elegant neckline.

Anna Matytsyna in CHAPURIN dress 

Deck of Thomas Leclercq’s Yacht is made of teak. Teak decks are used in shipbuilding for many centuries, and still has not found another, more comfortable wood. It is considered tasteless to walk on the boat even in the most expensive high heels, so that all celebrities are partying here barefoot..

And the spectacular views opening from the yacht, with both sides - on the beach and in the sea ... Is it worth commenting on exotic palm trees, white luxury hotels and endless waves of color blue?!

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