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Oligarch's wife turned reality TV star: facts about “The Bachelor” finalist Liza Adamenko

Puppet looks and life in the style of rock and roll ... At 18, a girl from the provincial Kansk of the Krasnoyarsk Territory became the wife of Valentin Ivanov, the top manager of Lukoil. True, soon the fabulous life in Singapore (yachts, diamonds, cool parties) turned into a nightmare. Liza accused her husband of beating, followed by a dramatic break. And after it - a new round. Two years later, she joined the fight for the heart of the hero of the show “Bachelor” on TNT, star dentist Anton Krivorotov. And immediately got into the favorites of a super-rating project. There were two of them left for the finale: Barbara Pino and she. But, despite the fact that Liza confessed her feelings to a bachelor, he preferred Barbara.

Cinderella’s childhood

And what about Liza? She posts impudent pictures on Instagram and doesn’t seem to be particularly worried. She is only 20. How does Cinderella from the province become a star?

Lisa in childhood Photo: Social networks

“Komsomolskaya Pravda - Krasnoyarsk” contacted the first mentor of the future top model Tatyana Matyash, the head of the Kansk school-studio “Fashion and Style”. And so, what she said: the potential in Lisa was immediately visible, something like that was felt in her.

- At 11 years old, the girl came to our school herself. Tall, with a graceful posture and a stubborn spark in big eyes. Before us, she attended a folk dance club. I learned to serve myself. She knew how to work in front of cameras, how to stand in a pose. We made a bet on it, started working. You see, all the girls who come to us dream of a career as a model. And Lisa aspired to become famous. And I got my way. She studied so hard that at 13 she flew to work in Japan. From there got to Singapore, where she met Valentin Ivanov.

The school of models in which Lisa studied Photo: ASYA ZHUKOVA

The whole family is beautiful. And not poor.

In Kansk, Liza's family is considered wealthy. Father - Yuri Stepanovich - deputy of the district council, he has his own business, runs the "grain" companies, his brother helps. They have their own mansion in the suburbs. And when the daughter announced her desire to become a model, they did not interfere, on the contrary ... At first, the mother was always accompanying the girl. And that was not easy. 

- Her first foreign trip was to Japan, continues Tatyana Matyash. - They babysit models with children-models, protect them. But the requirements are high: they begin to work at five in the morning. Liza was then 13 years old, this is a child, the body is growing - and such schedules were reflected in the body, plus moving from one end of the earth's shal to the other - Liza was often sick. And even with the temperature came to the shooting.

There were dozens of offers. - At the casting, they will post their pictures to photographers - almost all of them chose it for work. Liza has natural beauty: lips, nose, chest, eyes. Maybe that's why she is in demand, because plastic is immediately visible to the experienced eye. She looks like a mother, she was very beautiful in her youth. And Liza’s older brother is handsome. And his two daughters are beautiful. 

“Initially cared for, and then ...”

Liza graduated from ninth grade in her native Kansk. By the way, without triples. And then she entered the art college in Singapore. Parents were only happy: such a take-off ... Then in Singapore, life made a sharp turn. Liza met the top manager of Lukoil Valentin Ivanov. At that time he was over 50.

“Initially, he really cares about Lisa,” Tatyana recalls. - When we flew to Moscow, he always sent a car to the airport so that we would not get on the subway or train, and God forbid that anything happened to us. He kept track of us getting safely to the hotel, to the filming location. They met like this: Valentin saw her in Singapore when she first arrived there. A bunch of models were hung on him at that moment. And he saw Liza - and lost peace. And she is not a girl, inaccessible. She probably hooked it with that, that she gave from the gate turn. Valentin bought up magazines in Singapore, where her photo was printed. The story itself is very romantic, completely different from what the media described. Liza was financially independent, she did not need a patron. Valentin sought her for a year or a half. Everything was serious with them from the very beginning. Everything systematically happened, everything went to the wedding. And when she turned 18 in the spring, everything happened.

Parents of Lisa. Photo: still image of a transfer Bachelor

And then it was different: a fairy tale, which in an instant became a thriller. scandals in the media ... But this is a completely different story.

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