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Oksana Voevodina regretted having "beauty injections" up to 30 years




According to the model, the earlier a girl begins to use injectable rejuvenation techniques, the more paradoxically she will face the signs of aging. And it won't be easy to fix the situation. 28-year-old Oksana Voevodina does not hide that in the past she has abused invasive cosmetic techniques.

"You are my Cheburashka": Oksana Voevodina remembered the wedding with the ex-king, talked about the abortions of his women and explained why he sells a wedding dress for 3 million rubles. The model conducted a whole study on the topic of what they can do harm, and shared the results with her subscribers ...

“To be honest, I used to abuse various 'beauty injections'. But if instead I slept more, was less nervous and ate more correctly, then I would have to use such aggressive methods for a very long time! ”- said Oksana. In the mature opinion of the model, “beauty shots” are a controversial beauty procedure. “Whether they bring harm or benefit - no one has received a definite answer. A huge number of opponents, and the same huge number of followers. I am very worried about this topic, I really want the girls to be more careful and conscious, ”warns Miss Moscow-2015.


Oksana Voevodina

The model is sure that the sooner a girl uses beauty injections, the faster she will grow old, and it will not be easy to correct the situation in the future. Argument: because of this beauty procedure, the muscles of the face stop working: after the active substances no longer have an effect, the skin becomes flabby and “falls off”.

“By the age of 30, there will be nowhere to prick. The muscles of the face will atrophy and will no longer be able to hold the facial frame the way you would like. Then this problem will be quite difficult to fix. Nobody wants to do plastic surgery before the age of 40, because it is better to resort to it not earlier than 50, ”Voevodina warned. According to the model, to compensate for the harm caused by frivolous abuse of injections, she now has to do more massages and masks.


Oksana Voevodina does not hide the fact that she had "beauty injections" 

We remind you that last year Oksana complained of serious health problems after giving birth. The titled beauty talked about dramatic weight loss and depression. During pregnancy, she often ended up in the hospital and lost as much as 30 kilograms. The examination showed that Vojvodina suffered from protrusion, bone marrow edema, and three hernias. Photo:, Persona Stars, @rihanapetra


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