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Not a trace remains of the chiseled figure: Adrian Lima is now simply unrecognizable (photo)

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The model has gained a lot of weight. 

Adriana Lima became a mother of many children a year ago. After giving birth, the supermodel can’t get into shape, so she chooses more revealing outfits. In her new look at the Venice Film Festival, the star no longer resembles the same Victoria's Secret angel she once was.

On the red carpet, the celebrity appeared in a floor-length black dress made of shiny fabric. The tight-fitting silhouette of the outfit emphasized all the imperfections of the figure. The Brazilian has noticeably gained weight. There is no trace left of her narrow waist, her face looks swollen, and her batwing sleeves have made her shoulders even heavier. Of the open areas, the public's favorite showed only her back.

By the way, earlier in an interview, the 42-year-old model noted that she does not accept herself in a new body. The new dimensions do not suit her.



Photo source: Legion-Media

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