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New name: why does the whole world talk about Tina Kunakey's 18-year-old brother Zakari?


Zakari Kunakey has every chance to become a new fashion symbol of Hollywood

The whole world learned about the incredible beauty of  Vincent Cassel's young lover Tina Kunakey last year - then she already worked successfully as a model and closed the best shows, but her value as a star has also risen. It turned out that Tina is not the only beauty in her African-Sicilian family, she also has a younger brother and sister. And today, 18-year-old Zakari becomes the real star of Instagram He also does modeling and makes great strides on the podium, and his photos cause a resonance in the network: all because Zakari is a "deity" (as numerous fans often write in comments to his pictures). And you can not argue with them - he really has an ideal body, curly hair and a stunning smile. And yet, as Tina says about him, he is very shy - is not he ideal?

Zakari Kunakey often shares joint pictures with his sister and is very proud of her. By the way, recently he signed several contracts with little-known, but respected French clothing brands (he lives in Paris), and soon going to conquer New York and Los Angeles. It seems that Presley Gerber and Anwar Hadid will have a worthy opponent on the fashionable Olympus.


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