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Natalia Vodianova: What happened to her and why The fans do not recognize the grown-up model

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The network is discussing "honest" photo of 41-year-old Natalia Vodianova from the Ralph Lauren show. In the photographs, the supermodel looks unrecognizable: some thought that poor lighting was to blame for this, others believe that it was due to the lack of filters.


Natalia Vodianova/Social networks

Most users stood up for Natalya: they noted that one shouldn’t judge by one frame, and also reminded haters that the supermodel is a mother of many children.

"Women are indignant: how can she, with her capabilities and life in the richest family on the planet, let herself go like this? Yes, she looks great for a 41-year-old mother of five children,” they wrote in the telegram channel“Only to no one.”.

Natalia Vodianova has five children: 21-year-old Lucas, 17-year-old Neva and 15-year-old Victor from her first husband Justin Portman, and nine-year-old Maxim and seven-year-old Roman from Antoine Arnault. Vodianova's husband is the eldest son of LVHMBernard Arnault, one of the richest people on the planet.

Stars are often criticized online because of their appearance: for example, not so long ago comedian Amy Schumergot it Nicole Kidman, but the actress’s fans stood up for her, and Schumer had to apologize. And the other day Kate Beckinsale, who was suspected of having undergone plastic surgery, responded to the comments of haters.;

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