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Natalia Vodianova told why she put the children on a diet


Natalia Vodianova told why she put the children on a diet, divorced Justin Portman and not only

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova appeared on the cover of the British magazine Porter and told the publication why she put her children on a diet, broke up with her ex-husband Justin Portman

During a conversation with a glossy correspondent, Vodianova admitted that she was constantly at war with her children, in particular over food. 34-year-old mother of five children - 16-year-old Lucas, 10-year-old Neva, 9-year-old Victor from Justin Portman and 3-year-old Maxim and one -year-old Roman from Antoine Arnault - said that she asks children to adhere to a special diet. According to Natalia, when her eldest son Lucas turned ten, she put him on a strict diet.

 "You can't just keep on overeating and watch your belly grow." I get very strict when it comes to all the bad stuff they eat. I constantly tell my kids that they are wonderful, beautiful and the like, but I ask them to watch what they eat because these eating habits will stay with them for life. It is important to teach children to make healthy choices from the very beginning, - Natalya thinks.


Natalia Vodianova for Porter magazine 

Vodianova herself has been working as a model since she was 17, so she knows firsthand how important it is to monitor her weight. The model admits that she regularly adheres to a diet, allowing herself only one fasting day per week:

When I moved to France, I ate a bun with chocolate for breakfast every morning. This went on for two years. One day I woke up and realized that I could no longer look at them. Now I eat such a loaf once a week on Saturdays and give half to my daughter - this is our ritual with her.


Natalia Vodianova with her daughter Neva

In an interview, the star of world catwalks also touched upon the topic of divorce from British Lord Justin Portman, with whom she divorced in 2009 after nine years of marriage.

I was a brooding mother, and Justin had little interest in the lives of our children. He adored them, but he was not the kind of father who would redeem a child or see to it that they took a walk. As a result, all the responsibilities were on me, and he moved away from us and the children, because in the family we need to experience all these wonderful moments together, - recalls Natalia Vodianova. 

Natalia also talked about her new chosen one Antoine Arnault, who, as it turned out, never wanted to build a family life with a model:

Antoine was definitely not looking for a fashion model who would become the mother of his children. We were very surprised when we realized that we are perfect for each other. Sometimes life surprises us.


Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova

This does not mean that I am ready to leave him in order to have an affair with someone else. I already feel that we are married. If all is well, why change anything? - summed up Natalia Vodianova in an interview for British gloss. 

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