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Natalia Vodianova told about the first date with Antoine Arnault

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Natalia Vodianova doesn’t share with the fans the details of the relationship with the father of her sons Roman and Maxim, a French millionaire Antoine Arnault, that often. However, Russian model revealed the secret of how they had developed feelings for each other. Natalia told about their first date. It turned out that Antoine - the son of the richest man in France and Nizhny Novgorod beauty were ... just talking, sitting on a wooden bench!

- We could not go anywhere together, so we just met, sat down on the bench and talking - told Natalia in an interview with Vanity Fair, - We knew that if we went somewhere in Paris, we would be made public.

Rumors of a romance of Vodianova and Arnaud appeared in the summer of 2011. Natalia and Antoine met in 2007, when the model landed a contract with Louis Vuitton fashion house. While Antoine held the position of Director of Communications of the brand. Russian beauty was still married, and French billionaire was in a serious relationship. However, they started dating after Natalia broke up with Lord Justin Portman, and Antoine broke with his girlfriend.

In the September issue of the American edition of Vanity Fair magazine Vodianova told not only about the first date with Antoine, but about their everyday life.

- He gets up at 8 in the morning and goes to work with a smile on his face - said Vodianova - He loves what he does, and he is very fond of my children. He's a great father, step-father and boyfriend.

When asked whether she would marry Arnaud in the near future, Natalia replied: - I believe that Antoine is still my boyfriend. I want to call him my husband, because in fact it is true, regardless of whether we have a stamp in the passport or not. I believe that he is my husband, but who cares, right? I feel that our union is blessed. It is - everything that I love and respect.

Recall, Vodianova announced the birth of her fourth child on Instagram. The celebrity model posted a photo of the newborn on Instagram, writing: - Last night my son, Maxim was born. He is quite up to his name: born with an incredible weight of 4.2 kilograms and growth 55 centimeters. The baby and I feel good, to the delight of the proud dad.

On 4 June 2016 supermodel Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time. 34-year-old celebrity has shared good news with her subscribers on Instagram. A newborn boy was named Roman, Natalia has already published a photo, which shows the leg of the child, writing: “There is one more man in our family. “Daisy” is at home and knows the world, surrounded by sisters and brothers. Antoine is proud and I am tired but happy and waiting for the summer hoping to get some rest”.

The supermodel has three children from her first marriage with Justin Portman - Lucas, Neva and Viktor.


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