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Natalia Vodianova Shows Instagram Followers Her mustache

Worldwide known top model from Nizhny Novgorod, 35-year-old mother of five children Natalia Vodianova decided to record a beauty tutorial. Supermodel shared a Master class video on makeup photo

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova shared the video, how to change after a sleepless night and a long flight. In the new video, the model appeared without makeup. In less than a minute, she showed how to make a soft daytime makeover. - Do not be born beautiful ... just stand up to it, - Natalia Vodianova wtote. - How to change after a long flight and a sleepless night before the Fund Fair. 

However, in the comments to the video, some Instagram followers paid attention to the "mustache" of the model and started to discuss either it was vegetation on the face or the shadow fell badly. 

​- She has a mustache?! Okay, that's not just me, right? - They write under the video on the Web.

"Do you have a mustache?"  - Another similar comment was left by another subscriber of Vodianova's account. 

In the video, Natalia gave the girls a small lesson on the correct application of nude make-up.

But the attention of many spectators was attracted by the presence of subtle vegetation above Natasha's upper lip. Many also noted that nothing of the kind is noticeable in the pictures of Vodianova for fashion magazines and advertising.


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