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Natalia Vodianova showed her son Maxim Arnault

Maxim Arnault - a copy of the famous Russian supermodel.

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34-year-old beauty is about to become a mother for the fifth time. She does not hide her pregnancy from Antoine Arnault, regularly appearing at public events, publishing her photos to Instagram. Two years ago Natalia Vodianova gave birth to firstborn of French billionaire – Maxim Arnault.

About this happy event in her life the supermodel told the world almost immediately showing one photo and commentary:

"In the night of 2 May, at 2:45 am our son Maxim was born - then wrote Natalia. - He justified the value of his name: the weight of 4.2 kilograms and 55 centimeters of growth! The kid and I feel perfectly to the delight of the proud Daddy. Thank you all for your good wishes! I would like to convey them to all those women who are still waiting for the birth of children. Enjoy every moment!"

Today Maxim Arnault is old enough. All this time Vodianova hid the face of younger son, but now, when he is 2 years old, Natalia decided to show what a boy looks like. The child seems to take after his mother more than he did after father, as dreamed Antoine Arnault:

"I hope that the baby will inherit his mother's appearance (and a great heart) and a father’s sense of humor! Please, not the other way round! "- Antoine guessed.

Recall, the father of Maxim, Antoine Arnault - heir to the multibillion-dollar state. His father Bernard is the owner of the French company LVMH - manufacturer of luxury Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Guerlain, Kenzo, Chaumet, Hennessy and others.

Vodianova has three children from her first marriage with a British aristocrat Justin Portman: 14-year-old Lucas, a 10-year-old Neva and 8-year-old Victor. Six years ago, Natalia filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage with an Englishman. In 2011, Vodianova said that they do not live together anymore. Some time later Antoine and Natalia began to appear together on cultural events. They have been in a relationship for at least 4 years.


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