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Natalia Vodianova shared the secret of her perfect figure two months after giving birth to the fifth child

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Two months, only two (!) have passed since the birth of the fifth child, and Natalia Vodianova already boasts of slender figure and looks more like a big sister of her children than a woman with many children.

How she manages to ?! - Surprised fans

Recently the Russian Cinderella, who apparently tired of the many concerns, decided to take a vacation and went to the sea with her children and husband.

But it seems that even here, the model does not relax and tries to get fit with exercise and proper nutrition. We have not another explanation of how beauty could so quickly become slim and trim.

Thus, in the image shared to Instagram, Vodianova is seen having fun with the children and demonstrating abs and shapely legs as if she is not a nursing mother.

It’s worth noting, that a native of Nizhny Novgorod used to return on the podium after the delivery in record time. Thus, it happened in this time. Two weeks after the birth of fifth child, a young mother is already out on the podium in the framework of the show spring-summer collection 2017 of Givenchy fashion house.

“On the bar with Vityok (8-year-old Victor born in a marriage with lord Portman). Who are you hanging out in the yard? Tag your No 1 homie”.

Needless to say that any of the stars did not show such a weight loss in record time. The model itself in an interview with "The New York Times" recently shared the secrets of the perfect figure. And it is a blood group diet which helps her to keep herself in shape.

- Many people do not trust the blood group diet, but it helps me. I suffered from digestive and stomach problems as a teenager. I tried this diet and felt improvement - Beauty admitted.

- I'm lucky, I have a fourth blood type, and I do not have to limit myself much. I can eat meat, fish and carbohydrates. However, there are certain rules - for example, I can eat any red meat except lamb. At the same time, I can eat not all kinds of vegetables”, - she added.

Plus, the mother of many children always goes to the dance, which allows her to stay toned and slim, but not gain muscle mass.

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- I can not stand thick arms and shoulders. I want to have a feminine body, but do not be too thin, I want to be toned, but not with thick arms. I chose dancing, when we dance our hands are an "accessory". You are reducing to the minimum the load on the hand, but at the same time they are constantly moving, - said Vodianova.

Recall, Natalia Vodianova has five children: 14-year-old Lucas, 10-year-old Neva, 8-year-old Victor, born in a marriage with a British aristocrat Justin Portman, as well as two-year-old Maxim and two-month-old Roman from her second marriage with the French billionaire Antoine Arnault.

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