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Natalia Vodianova in a new interview: about the groom Antoine Arnault, gender inequality and internal demons


37-year-old Natalia Vodianova became the main character in the March issue of the British magazine Tatler. In a conversation with writer Chloe Fox, the Russian top model spoke about her beloved man and future husband Antoine Arnault, her difficult childhood and internal demons, and also spoke out against gender discrimination in society. The new Tatler issue with the full version of the interview will go on sale on March 30, for now we are sharing excerpts from this conversation.

About the groom Antoine Arnault

I have a wonderful man. I think that it is important and necessary for all people to find their other soul mate and stay with this person for as long as possible. It is so beautiful to love and be loved and not know what loneliness is.

Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova

About charity

When I see human suffering, it is as if I are starting to sink. That's because I can’t help all the people as quickly as I would like, ”shared Vodianova, who is the founder of the Naked Hearts foundation and regularly organizes charity events to raise funds for children with special needs.

Natalia Vodianova with her sister Oksana

On gender inequality

Natalia Vodyanova not only fights for the rights of people with special needs, but also deals with other socially important issues. Thus, the model openly opposes gender discrimination. Vodianova believes that the topic of menstruation is too taboo in our society, and intends to fix it:

We, the women, were brainwashed and suggested that menstruation is something shameful, something that is not customary to say out loud. No one would have thought of putting toilet paper and soap dispensers in men's restrooms, and then blaming men for using them. So why then, in many parts of the world, women still do not have free access to personal hygiene products?

Natalia Vodianova also spoke about other manifestations of gender inequality that she often has to face herself:

This is driving me crazy. If a handsome man does serious things and often speaks out on important topics, everyone around him will drool and say how amazing he is. But if a beautiful girl does the same, people immediately roll their eyes. It is much harder for girls to earn respect in society than men.

About a difficult childhood and internal demons

In an interview, Natalia Vodianova also remembered her difficult childhood, which she spent in poverty in Nizhny Novgorod. From a young age, the model took care of her younger sister, who was born with cerebral palsy, and suffered from constant bullying at school by classmates:

I have a very difficult life experience. I constantly fight with my demons: some of them live inside me, and some outside. But it seems to me that this is normal. All of this is a part of me. If I were perfect, my life would be boring and monotonous.

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