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Natalia Vodianova gave a candid interview about poverty, husbands, and many other

On January 28 Natalia Vodianova celebrated 35th anniversary, and gave an interview to "The Guardian", in which said about poverty, charity, parties and much more.

About poverty

Poverty makes you feel humiliated. You think that you do something wrong, especially in childhood. You see the other children who are happy, and you think it's just amazing. You dream of not to be yourself, but someone else. Perhaps because of this I became a model.

About childhood

At my school in Nizhny Novgorod boys just hated me. I was very thin, because sometimes our family simply had nothing to eat. They called me a stick. In addition, they accused me of my sister's illness (the younger sister of Natalia, Oksana sufferes from cerebral palsy and autism - Ed.). And called dirty.

On intuition

I've got an animal instinct that helps me to make decisions based on intuition. I arrived in Paris when I was 17, but changed the agency almost immediately. On the second night the agent sent me to a club with several men. Nothing happened, but I was a young girl and I liked the young men, and those men were between the ages (there are a huge number modeling agencies engaged in escort services. Natalia Vodianova got into such an agency with unfair reputation -. Approx. Ed.). A day or two I got a call from the Viva agency and was offered to work with them. I immediately agreed.

Natalia Vodianova

About sister

Sister with special needs taught me love and patience. As a child, Oksana liked to scatter a box in the kitchen and put things in a mess. She was sitting on top of piles of garbage, boxes, food and laughed: "Ha!". It was a disaster for family, because there was very little food. 

About nightlife

I've never been an angel. I could not sleep all weekend, if we want to have fun with a friend in nightclubs.

For three years I spent every weekend on the dance floor, that's why I still have a model figure.

Natalia Vodianova

On the children's birth

I once said that having children improves skin condition. 

On charity

By 2004, I had already been a very successful model, but did not know how to put it to good use. The siege of Beslan made me realize that I can do something good: I can build a playground for the children who sufferedduring the tragedy. The game - a great way to distract children from the cruel reality and help them recover faster (Natalia Vodianova's Fund "Naked Heart" has raised 39 million euros for families with children with disabilities and built in Russia, 177 playgrounds, - Ed.).

Natalia Vodianova

About husbands

The biggest difference between England and France - a form of government, monarchy and republic, which affected my marriage. My first husband Justin Portman did not work, but he was a walking encyclopedia and a very creative person with a lot of free time. My second husband, Antoine Arnault - workaholic. Pros of my first marriage - is that a spouse has more time on vacation.

Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova

On the criticism of her son

2-year-old Maxim likes when I'm with my hair down. When I put my hair up, he says: "Mom, you're so ugly."

About money

They say that money can not buy happiness, but it is known only to the rich. When you are poor, you do not have time to think about the future, and the main thing - is to find what to eat ... When you're rich, you constantly think about the future, but is not so easy to focus on your goal. I was poor and rich, and I can say that money does not buy happiness.

Natalia Vodianova

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