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Model Xenia Deli celebrated her 27th anniversary: outfit of a film star and a party with live music

On the day of her 27th birthday Xenia Deli invited relatives and friends to a party in the elegant restaurant. Live music, candlelight dinner and a spectacular handmade cake made birthday of Moldovan model truly unforgettable.

Throughout the evening the girl was accompanied by her beloved husband, 62-year-old Egyptian tycoon Osama Fathi Rabah Ali Sharif, who would not move a step away from her. Businessman gently hugged his young wife's waist and couldn't keep his eyes off her.

However, he was not alone, who admired the beautiful Xenia, because the star, who was wearing a sexy black lace dress, turned into a real film star. Deli published on her own Instagram few birthday pictures and subscribers began to congratulate her with 27th birthday.

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