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Looking at Heidi Klum and Leni Klum, one comes to understand the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Heidi Klum's gorgeous daughter Leni looks better than her mother. This is a truly brunette, although she dyed her hair blonde. Look into the deep eyes of a brunette girl. World-famous top model Heidi Klum has been bringing her grown-up daughter into the world for a long time. More recently, Leni celebrated her coming of age and now more and more people are following her career and personal life. 


Lenny Klum biography

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Lenny Klum biography


The young girl Leni Klum aka Leni Klum aka Leni Olumi Klum is very popular today, and all thanks to social networks, where she has an impressive army of fans. Considering the opportunities to earn money on her account, Leni is quite capable of supporting herself independently, and in the future, significantly surpassing her far from poor parents in terms of income. Let's talk about the girl in a little more detail, although it is enough just to look at her photographs to be convinced of her beauty. Below is Leni Klum's biography.

Table - Brief biography of Leni Klum aka Leni Klum About the celebrity Leni Klum aka Leni Klum

Real name - Leni Olumi Klum aka Leni Olumi Klum

Fathers - Leni currently has three fathers: biological (Flavio Briatore), legal (Seal), stepfather (Tom Kaulitz) Mother Heidi Klum

Date of birth - May 4th 2004 year

Place of Birth - New York, USA

Current place of residence - New York, USA

Nationality - American woman

Citizenship - German and American.

Horoscope - Taurus

Height - 163 cm

Weight - 50 kg

Bust size - 4

Clothing size - 36

Shoe size - 37

Options - 81-59-76

Eye color - Blue

Hair color - Blonde/Brunette. Colour: light chestnut, blonde

Family status - Single, in a relationship with Aris Rachevsky

Children's hobby - Ballet dancing

Hobbies - Dancing and swimming

Fears - Needles, syringes, bees and spiders

Pets - No

Favorite color - Blue

Favorite food - Sushi and Italian food.

Tatu - There is a tattoo of three small dots on the inside of the finger. They are a symbol of friendship with his stepfather Tom Kaulitz and his brother Bill.

Equity - 2 million dollars

Education - University of South Florida

Career-  Model 

Leni Klum height and weight


Most Leni Klum fans consider her height and weight to be ideal. The girl has proportional body shapes. Leni Klum is 163 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. Leni Klum is 163 cm tall and weighs 50 kg Leni Klum is 163 cm tall and weighs 50 kg

Leni Klum breasts

Leni Klum's appearance is attractive and sexy, but what caught the attention of netizens the most was Leni's décolleté area. The bodice perfectly emphasized Klum's impressive bust, and the ties at the waist emphasized her graceful figure. It turned out that Heidi Klum's fragile and petite daughter Leni has a fourth breast size. Leni Klum's breast size is firm 4. And Leni is clearly very proud of her tits. The girl tries to emphasize her breasts with her outfits and is not shy about showing them off in a skimpy bikini. Thanks to her curves, Klum Jr. has already been able to reach the top in the fashion industry.

Leni Klum breast size − 4

Many fans have doubts about the size of Leni Klum's breasts. Rumor has it that it may differ from 4. Let's put an end to this issue. Vote for breast size and admire Leni Klum's boobs. What is Leni Klum's breast size? 0. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 More than 10 Anya Semenovich is resting, Leni Klum's breasts can tear any dress I don't care, I want to touch her results

Leni Klum parameter


An interesting fact is that Leni has an attractive figure with wide hips and a full bust, which modern supermodels such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Cara Delevingne cannot boast of. However, this was the body type that was adopted on the Haute Couture catwalks in the 1990s, until it was replaced by straighter models. Leni Klum's figure parameters are 81-59-76: Bust: 81 cm. Waist: 59 cm. Hips: 76 cm. Leni Klum's body measurements are 81-59-76 Leni Klum's body measurements are 81-59-76

Heidi Klum's daughter Leni

Leni Klum was born in 2004 in New York into a famous family. Her father is Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, and her mother is the most popular model Heidi Klum, whose career was particularly successful in the nineties. Heidi is not only a model, but also an actress, and also a mother of many children (she has four children). Leni Klum's father is Italian millionaire and director of Renault's Formula 1 racing division, Flavio Briatore. Leni Klum's mom is a top supermodel of the 1990s. Genes definitely played a key role, because Leni now looks incredibly beautiful, but her life in the modeling business is just beginning. Leni Klum has a great start in the modeling business Leni Klum has a great start in the modeling business

In addition to her mother, Leni Olumi Klum was raised by her stepfather, the English singer Seal, whom Heidi Klum married almost immediately after the birth of her daughter. Leni found out her biological father much later. The influence of the mother was great: she immediately taught her daughter not to be afraid of cameras, to show bulges and to always try to look one hundred percent. Even at school age, Lena Klum began working as a model, fortunately she had connections in this business. Leni Klum has a penchant for modeling Leni Klum has a penchant for modeling

In 2009, musician Seal adopted Leni. However, three years later, Heidi Klum and the singer divorced and Leni received her surname from her mother.

While still in junior high school, Leni dreamed of following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a supermodel. Immediately after receiving secondary education, Leni signed a contract with the Italian modeling agency “D’management group” and began her career in the world of High Fashion. Leni Klum dreamed of following in the footsteps of Heidi Klum and making money with her beauty Leni Klum dreamed of following in the footsteps of Heidi Klum and making money with her beauty

In the summer of 2021, supermodel Heidi Klum spoke about raising her daughter. As it turned out, Leni is absolutely not afraid of cameras and has been attending various shows with her mother since childhood. According to the supermodel herself, Leni is doing at the beginning of her modeling career what Heidi Klum herself dreamed of in her youth. Heidi also said in her interview that she shared four tips with Leni Klum that would help her become a star in the future: “You should be happy with yourself. Don't do anything you don't want to do. It's okay to say no. You don't always have to be a people pleaser." Heidi Klum Leni Klum isn't always a people pleaser Leni Klum isn't always a people pleaser

Father Lenny Klum

Leni's biological father is Italian businessman Flavio Briatore. The relationship between Leni Klum's parents was very tense, so in the early stages of pregnancy, Heidi broke up with him, and almost immediately began a relationship with the British singer Seal. Afterwards, the model gave birth to three children, and in 2009 the musician adopted Leni. Biological father Flavio Briatore once told the press that he had no regrets and had great respect for the Klum family: "I do not regret anything. This child is growing up in a fantastic family. I believe Heidi gives it her all and I have deep respect for what they did. I have no problem with this."


Flavio Briatore - Father Lenny Klum Flavio Briatore - Father Lenny Klum Flavio Briatore - Father Lenny Klum It is curious that Leni also has friendly relations with her mother’s current husband, the brutal guitarist of the rock band “Tokio Hotel” Tom Kaulitz. The musician is 17 years younger than Heidi Klum and is a worthy friend of Leni, secretly raising his “stepdaughter” and instilling in her a love of music and creativity.


Leni Klum's daughter Heidi Klum began her career in 2020. Then she turned 16 years old, and at a family council they decided it was time to show her tits and ass to the public: “It was only a matter of time. The first offer came to me four years ago. I begged my mother, but she was categorically against it. Now I myself understand that it was too early." Leni Klum

What changed, why did she change her mind? We think the photos will explain everything. Klum Jr. inherited her mother’s chic curves, but at the same time a pretty and angelic face, which glossy magazines and fashion houses love so much. According to rumors, leading brands are already hunting her, but as long as such a mother is the producer, they have no chance: the offers must be very serious and verified. Leni Klum has great curves and a pretty face. Leni Klum has great curves and a pretty face.


Leni Klum's first debut in the fashion world was her photo shoot with Heidi Klum for Vogue. On the glossy cover of the magazine, Heidi kisses her daughter, as if sending her on a journey into the colorful and diverse world of Haute Couture. Already in April 2021, Leni Klum appears solo on the cover of the German version of Glamor Germany.

Already at the age of 16, she made her debut in the German fashion magazine Vogue Germany, where she and her mother were photographed by the famous German photographer Chris Kolls. It was then that the press began to actively discuss Heidi’s daughter, predicting a brilliant future for her, and, according to tradition, trying to find some “little yellow dirt” on her.

In the same year, Leni appears on the cover of Hunger Magazine, and a year later she appears on the catwalk as a professional model at Berlin Digital Fashion Week. A rapid start to a career that millions of girls around the world dream of. Magazines are magazines, but Heidi Klum’s daughter never taught her to brush her teeth properly Magazines are magazines, but Heidi Klum’s daughter never taught her to brush her teeth properly

Leni is attracting interest among advertising companies and fashion magazines. For now, her mother’s name speaks for her, but if this goes on, then in a few years she will become an independent model. It would be nice to get a role in a movie to increase your recognition, but so far the producers are in no hurry to invite the young lady to the movies. Leni Klum will soon become an independent model Leni Klum will soon become an independent model Fashion magazines, shows, numerous photo shoots, publications on social networks, work on TV - all this is an excellent launching pad for a successful career. Photos of Leni Klum are flying around the world.

Personal life

The girl’s personal life is in complete order: firstly, there are no scandalous stories associated with her (which would be strange, given her age), and secondly, she has a young man, Aris Rachevsky, who plays hockey professionally. It is clear that Leni still has her whole life ahead of her, which means she has time to build a strong family.


Men are circling at Leni Klum's feet Men are circling at Leni Klum's feet

Heidi is calm about her star daughter’s relationship and does not interfere with her communication with boys. Aris Rechevski is Leni’s boyfriend, whom she once again tries not to show on social networks, but it turns out that everything is serious with them. They appeared together in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's new Western film The Harder They Fall.

On February 14, 2021, Leni published a photo on her profile dedicated to her declaration of love to hockey player Aris Rachevsky. The couple also began to be spotted on the streets of Beverly Hills holding hands and it became quite obvious that Leni Klum was having her first romance. Perhaps things are even heading towards an engagement between the hockey player and the model, since Leni and Arisa are often spotted accompanied by Heidi Klum.

Aris Rachevsky is a forward for the Californian hockey team and in 2021 he is already 18 years old. At the moment, his social media accounts are closed from prying eyes. And if Aris Rechevski fails, Leni Klum has a secret


And if Aris Rechevski fails, Leni Klum has a secret

Leni Klum plastic surgery

There is an opinion that at the age of 19, Leni Klum had breast surgery. As a result, the surgeon made both breasts the same size 4. There is no official confirmation of this information.

Leni Klum plastic surgery

Leni Klum plastic surgery Has Leni Klum had breast augmentation? Definitely yes, such beautiful sis does not exist in nature Perhaps, but her breasts look quite natural No, Leni Klum has her own real breasts results

Leni Klum now

At the beginning of 2021, Leni made her debut on a digital show that took place in Germany as part of the Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign. In August, young Klum already walked along the “Dolce & Gabbana" in Venice, Italy, and in September appeared on the catwalks of Berlin as part of Haute Couture Fashion Week 2021. Leni Klum's career is gaining momentum Leni Klum's career is gaining momentum

Leni Klum photo







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