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"Miss UK" Zara Holland has been stripped of the title

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Zara Holland, who won last year's title of "Miss UK", today has been stripped of the title. It happened after the release of the reality show "Love Island," in which she participates. After winning a beauty contest Zara came to the show, where single young people build love.

Holland had sex with rookie of the project - Alex Bowen. Of course, explicit scenes were not shown, but Zara and Alex hit the frame lying naked on a bed under a blanket.

Zara says she's sorry and claims that such a free attitude is very unusual for her.

The fact that Zara Holland was stripped of the title for what she had sex, caused outrage among many Internet users - on their social networks people has been resented by the fact that a woman has no right to a private life.

The organizers of the beauty pageant responded instantly: Woman was stripped of the title and the crown passed to Deon Robertson, who took second place. "The winner of the crown must be a role model and have only a positive image. We made the decision reluctantly, but we must listen to public opinion, "- they explained their decision.

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