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"Miss Russia 2022" Anna Linnikova announced her separation from journalist Jackson Hinkle


Winner of the Miss Russia 2022 beauty contest Anna Linnikova, who recently lived in Miami with her lover, journalist Jackson Hinkle, announced her separation from him and the decision to return to Russia.

“I broke up with Jackson and am returning to Russia,” Linnikova wrote in her story, adding that she was “happy” and asking not to ask her questions. However, she still could not resist and admitted that she broke up with her fiancé because he was “a lying abuser and a narcissistic little boy who is not ready to take responsibility.”

Also "Miss Russia" I turned to friends and acquaintances with a request for help in finding an apartment for rent in Moscow. “I believe in the power of Instagram*!” - she said.

According to the girl, people are already writing to her who want to get to know her better, but she is not yet ready for a new relationship.


Jackson Hinkle and Anna Linnikova/Social networks

Linnikova met influencer and journalist Jackson Hinkle at the Miss Universe competition, where she became one of thesemi-finalists. The lovers dated for ten months: Jackson organized romantic dates for Anna and proposed to her twice, because at first she did not agree to become his wife. However, in the end the girl gave in and announced her engagement in October. The couple planned to have a luxurious wedding and invite Anna’s relatives from Moscow to it, and then continue to live in the USA, but these dreams were not destined to come true.


Anna Linnikova/Social networks

"Damn, it was in vain that you sold fur coats for this upstart," they wrote in the telegram channel "Gossip Chronicle". — Meanwhile, there is not a word about the Russian ex-girlfriend on Hinkle’s Instagram. Earns points for himself on hot political topics. <...> But we are waiting for revelations from Anna: the sour media needs to be somehow refreshed. Moreover, the story about an American abuser and a Russian beauty just begs to be on the cover.”  

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