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Linda Evangelista said that she had changed beyond recognition due to an unsuccessful Liposuction procedure




Linda Evangelista said that she had changed beyond recognition due to an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure: "I was mutilated." In the 1990s, Linda Evangelista was one of the most sought-after and popular models in the world. She is known for huge number of advertising campaigns, fashion shows, covers of glossy magazines and even for George Michael's video The Freedom, where she starred with Cindy Crawford , Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.

However, unlike her colleagues, she left the radar for a long time - in recent years, Linda has not appeared in public. And yesterday, on her Instagram, she revealed the reason why she disappeared from the public eye.


Linda Evangelista, 1989


Linda Evangelista, 1989 

The 56-year-old model admitted that it's all about the unsuccessful CoolSculpting cosmetic procedure aimed at correcting fat deposits, that is, liposuction. According to the star, the procedure changed her beyond recognition.

Today I am taking a big step towards fixing the error that I suffered from. I have kept this to myself for over five years. I appeal to my followers, who wondered why I am not working, while the career of my colleagues is so successful. The reason is that I was severely disfigured by the CoolSculpting procedure, the result of which was exactly the opposite of what was promised. This procedure did not reduce the number of my fat cells, but, on the contrary, increased it, leaving me permanently deformed even after two painful and unsuccessful correction surgeries. I became, as the media wrote, "unrecognizable."

I developed paradoxical fatty hyperplasia - I did not know about the risk of its development before the procedure. This not only deprived me of my earnings, but also drove me into deep depression and sadness and made me disgusted with myself. As a result, I became a hermit - admitted the star.


Linda Evangelista

In her post, Linda mentioned the lawsuit - apparently, she also decided to seek justice in court.

With this lawsuit, I am moving forward to get rid of the shame and make my story public. I'm tired of living this way. I would like to walk out the door with my head held high, even though I no longer look like myself, - she concluded.

Linda Evangelista made public appearance in 2015. This was still, apparently, before the cosmetic procedure. After that, Evangelista did not appear in public. 


The recognition of the model received a great response from her fans and stellar colleagues and friends - they thanked Linda for her honesty and expressed their great support.

My dear, this is such an important conversation, and you are the voice for many unheard, - Natalia Vodianova wrote to her . 



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