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Lily-Rose Depp shows off her anorexic figure at Chanel dinner

17-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis attended a reception in Los Angeles, and surprised everybody by the extreme thinness.

Lily-Rose Depp firmly establishing herself as a young style icon: we can't take our eyes off her short embroidered Chanel jacket, in which she came to the Chanel reception dedicated to Chanel No 5 fragrance L'Eau.

Lily-Rose Depp became face of the brand earlier this year, and this week we enjoyed promo video of the new fragrance with a young model and actress in the lead role. What a waist, what leather pants! Lily-Rose Depp looks fairly slim even next to skinny Kristen Stewart.

Although Lily Depp was never officially diagnosed as anorexic, she’s clearly underweight.


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