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Lily-Rose Depp looks like her mother Vanessa Paradis in a new photoshoot


Lily-Rose Depp appeared in a photo shoot, repeating the image of her mother Vanessa Paradis

18-year-old Lily-Rose Depp participated in a creative experiment of her friend - photographer Luke Gilford. Within a few days he was shooting the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis at home, making "honest" pictures, in the words of Luke himself. The photographer and his muse worked in an atmosphere of trust and friendly understanding of what Guilford later told in the social network.

"I believe that the proximity, as well as relationships, is developing through mutual trust and respect over time. True it can not be forced. And this is not a one way street. We need a genuine connection and real connections require work, patience and love. Knowing this, my friend Lily-Rose Depp and I decided to make a new series of photos together - shared his thoughts author.

Lily-Rose Depp 

Vanessa Paradis

Some shots are inspired by an early image of Vanessa Paradis

We shared links, and many of them were devoted to Lily-Rose's mother. We bought a wig inspired by the shooting in which her mother posing for a few decades ago, and spent a couple of days, chatting and taking pictures together at home. Just the two of us and our friend Walker - that's the whole team - described the work Luke Gilford.

As a result of their search Lily-Rose has agreed to be photographed with a cigarette in hук hand. However, the most candid shots, according to the photographer, were those in which aspiring actress and model is captured crying.

"This experience reminded me how useful cooperation with friends and how important genuine trust is", - concluded the photographer.

Lily-Rose Depp 

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