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Letter of 55-year-old husband of model Liza Adamenko who caught her cheating leaked online

In February, 18-year-old Liza Adamenko and her 55-year-old husband, businessman Valentin Ivanov, were in the center of the scandal. Users reported that Liza conducted an online broadcast in her social network accusing husband of hitting her.

"Adamenko <...> said her ex-husband beat her, shame on him. There's bruising on her arm, neck. <...> Well, isn't she a fool, why she puts her personal life on display" .

Later, the model denied this information, but the story got a continuation: now the web has a correspondence of the couple, in which Valentin accuses his young wife of cheating on him.

Ivanov calls Liza's behavior immoral, reproaches that she disgraced him and accuses him of lying: according to Valentin, Adamenko lied, saying that he beat her and she raised her hands to him before.

The oligarch asks the model to pick up her stuff from his house and no longer bother him. Ivanov believes that Liza has a reputation for the career of porn actress like Lena Berkova, and she does not have a contract with IMG Models (one of the main international modeling agencies). Also, Valentin says that he had sympathy for another girl. Some Web users believe that Ivanov himself decided to make public the correspondence.

At the same time, Instagram of Adamenko was hacked, and an intimate video of Liza with an unknown young man leaked online. Subscribers of Adamenko suggest that this is also the work of the top manager of Lukoil.

If the authenticity of the correspondence is confirmed, it turns out that the happy family life of Adamenko and Ivanov was just a cover for treason and lie.

Recall, Valentin Ivanov, who heads the branch of Lukoil in Singapore, married the model Liza Adamenko in June last year. According to rumors, the romance between lovers before the wedding lasted almost three years - Ivanov started dating a girl at the dawn of her modeling career, when 13-year-old Liza left her hometown of Kansk in Siberia.

The wedding took place in the castle of Château Saint Jeannet in the suburbs of Nice. Liza walked down the aisle in a snow-white bustier dress from Vera Wang, and guests were entertained by Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky.

The news about the wedding caused a wave of discussions on the Internet.

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