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Leo DiCaprio's Rumored girlfriend Alina Baikova: from a waitress to a world-class top model

Model of Ukrainian origin - brunette with Slavic face Alina Baykova made her debut as a model at the fashion week in New York in autumn 2010. This success has become a turning point in model's career. She participated in multiple fashion shows, including Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Elise Overland, Francesco Scognamiglio, Giambattista Valli, Gianfranco Ferre and Hermes.

"I'm from a very poor family," says Alina Baykova. - After school I worked as a waitress: 24 hours work - 48 rest, salary - 10 euros per month. Of course, I wanted to study, but I did not have money to pay for studies". The story with the beginning in the style of the classic TV series had a corresponding continuation: in the cafe they decided to order uniforms for all the staff, and on the fitting, the owner of the studio, who also had her own modeling agency, told Alina: "Come on, go." "Probably wants to see how the form hangs," Baikova decided, but she asked: "Do you want to become a model?" Alina was frightened. It seemed to her that the model looked like Pamela Anderson with curves, and not a thin girl. And secondly, she did not believe in the modeling business.

"I've never done much pret-a-porter, but couture did well, I'm very couture"

Alina continued to work as a waitress, but at the disco, an unknown girl asked her: "Are you a model?" - and began to persuade: "You must be a model!" "And I believe in fate," says Baikova. "If something happens twice, it's not just that." And I went to the model school, where she was the only one who did not even pay money for studies.

Cotton dress, Theo

Cotton dress, Theo Cotton dress, Theo

Three months she worked in China, and the second country where she was offered a job, was France. Baikova was afraid of the Parisian scale, but she decided to take a chance - and had veritable cornucopia of contracts: showrooms, fitting, magazines. Practically every day was busy. "I've never done a lot of pret-a-porter, but couture did well, I'm very couture." In Paris, Alina worked with Hermès and Zuhair Murad, in Milan - with Calvin Klein and Armani. Then she moved to the agency Next - and the rapid rise of her career began.

In 2011, Alina participated in fashion weeks around the world: New York, London, Milan, Paris. "There were two flights a day," and Baikova decided to move to New York, where she lives for the past three years. "I became open - not as much as I would like, but enough to feel comfortable; began to wear sneakers and t-shirts. New York is my city. "

"I dress simply and do not spend a lot of money on clothes. it's like a drug: the more you buy, the more you want "

A typical New York model day begins at five in the morning. "I sleep very little: first, the jetlag due to constant flights, and secondly, I'm afraid that as long as I sleep, life goes away." The first thing Alina watches the news, without which she can not wake up - the news channel in her house works constantly: "I'm interested in politics." Reads Time, The Economist and The New York Times: "It is very important to know what is happening in the world. Perhaps, I will become mayor or president. " She responds to letters and necessarily does sports - boxing, kickboxing, army training, jogging. And at eight in the morning a full-time working day begins.

In Alina's apartment there is practically no fashionable press, but a few stacks of Time magazine magazines.  Baikova admits that she is trying not to miss any of his numbers

In Alina's apartment there is practically no fashionable press, but a few stacks of Time magazine. Baikova admits that she is trying not to miss any of issues. 

"In everyday life, I dress very simply and do not spend a lot of money on clothes. Clothes - like a drug: the more you buy, the more you want. I already had it. I only buy casual - American Apparel like, for example - and for special occasions clothes are given to me by the agency. At a charity auction in Cannes, I wore a Philipp Plein dress, and at the de Grisogono evening - a Blumarine dress. I would really like to wear Ukrainian designers' clothes for such parties so that they will be recognized in the world, say, my friend Theo Decan. "

With the model Daria Strokous in Cannes at the amfAR, 2014

At a charity dinner in New York City, 2015

At a charity dinner in New York City, 2015 

In Cannes, at the amfAR 2015

In Cannes, at the amfAR 2015 

With another friend - boyfriend - Alina broke up after a six-year relationship ("I'm simple in terms of relationships: I do not have any dramas, I'm very busy"). But she kept friendship with a former man and a joint business - floral. This application Alina's Flowers for the purchase of flowers (delivery is still only in Europe). You can make bouquets yourself, but you can buy ready. "I really love flowers and I can say that no man has achieved me without flowers. I'm very old-fashioned, I do not accept gifts from anyone, and flowers are the only way to show attention. "

Alina's Flowers is only six months old, but Baikova was already the "flower sponsor" of the amfAR reception at the Cannes Film Festival in June and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's July party in St. Tropez. In Cannes, Alina worked both as a sponsor, and as a model, and as a celebrity. 

Dress of crepe, Chanel;  leather sandals, C? line

Dress of crepe, Chanel; leather sandals, Céline

Alina is very in demand, but she often comes to her native Kirovohrad. There's a school for orphans, supported by Baykova. "Children are given a piece of toilet paper, a certain amount of toothpaste - worried Alina. – My heart is broken. There are a lot of such subtle yet important things! Recently we some boys went up to model and shyly asked for “some nice clothes, T-shirts and jeans”, so that they could approach the good girls, because they didn’t like the way they dressed”.

"It sounds very touching. But it is very painful, - says Alina. - I go to Africa, to India, and has not done anything for my country. I have many ideas. I come to the city and say, "I want to be a mayor." I can make a good road, beach and build all. I travel a lot and know how to do everything well, we just have a lot of corruption. Now I want to spend more time in Ukraine and something to help. Because of the 7 billion people only 100 thousand can help. Including I".

Cotton T-shirt, Kenzo;  denim shorts, Levi's;  leather sandals, Balenciaga

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