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Kate Moss was spotted with Nikolai von Bismarck in the capital of England

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While Kate Moss is attributed an affair with 18-year-old boy Jake Curtis, the British model came out with her legitimate boyfriend - Nikolai von Bismarck, who is 14 years younger than her. 42-year-old Kate and 29-year-old Nikolai been seen in London at the presentation of collection “Kate Moss For Equipment x NET-A-PORTER”. The pair did not hide their feelings. They were gently holding each other's hands and hugging.

Who knows what relationship Kate Moss and Nikolai von Bismarck would have had if it had not been reported about her affair with 18-year-old boy Jake Curtis.

It was like this: Kate and Nikolai started dating six months ago, and Kate even offered her lover to move in. Their meetings were secret, and the paparazzi almost failed to capture them together. It seems that Kate has a boyfriend, and on the other hand - as if not. Further - more recently Kate was attributed an affair with 18-year-old family friend Jake Curtis, that she kind of left Nikolai von Bismarck for. Curtis's younger sister told about this on Facebook.

It is obvious that this novel was no more than a fake. However, it was enough to make Nikolai von Bismarck jealous. How else to explain that after the story with Curtis Kate took Nikolai public. At the presentation of the collection of Kate Moss For Equipment x NET-A-PORTER lovers spent the whole evening cuddling up.



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