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Kaia Gerber complained about the difficult life of the model - and she was criticized on the Web




The fashion model decided to respond to the accusations against her, but only aggravated the situation

Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, grew up incredibly similar to her mother and even decided to follow in her footsteps, eventually becoming a rather sought-after model by the age of 20. However, career success does not always bring happiness. She recently gave a fairly candid interview with Elle magazine, where she spoke at length about the complexities of her life and commented on accusations that she is acting like a nepo baby. This term became extremely popular in 2022 and was applied to the children of famous parents who used their fame for their own promotion.


Kaia Gerber Kaia Gerber Legion-Media

Kaya, who was able to achieve impressive results on the podium, believes that she has earned an invitation to each of the shows. “No artist or fashion designer would sacrifice their vision of a painting for someone else’s child,” she emphasized in an interview. “My mom once joked: “If I could call and order an advertising campaign from Chanel, I would star in it myself, and not do it for you,” added Kaia.


Kaia Gerber Kaia Gerber Legion-Media 

She also stressed that she went through too much at a young age. According to Gerber, she felt as if "already lived all that was possible in life." However, Internet users were disappointed with the interview. They noted that Kaia does not understand at all how nepotism works and how many privileges her parents give her.


Kaia Gerber Kaia Gerber Legion-Media

And the statement of the model that she managed to go through a lot by the age of 20, some evaluate as a mockery. "Seriously? She has lived a life where the problem is a stain on her favorite Versace dress. I would really like to know about her feelings if she ever walked in the shoes of man who has $ 20 left until the next paycheck, and there is no gasoline in the car”, “I don’t want to underestimate her problems. But it even sounds strange,” Internet users noted.


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