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Is Anastasia Reshetova pregnant?


Fans of Timati discuss his relationship with the beautiful Anastasia Reshetova. The thing is that the couple tries not to comment on their relationship, but also very rarely shares joint photos on Instagram. But everything changed literally a few weeks ago. There were pictures in the musician's accounts with a simple, capacious and intriguing comment: "25.08.18", after which the fans asked: "Is Reshetova pregnant?" The other day they received an answer to it. 

Pregnancy rumors of the rapper's girlfriend was allegedly confirmed by a source close to the family of the performer. "Last week, Nastya was seen at Antenatal clinic," a couple's friend told. Celebrities themselves have not commented on the alleged replenishment in the family, and followers only have to wait for official confirmation.

Anastasia Reshetova and Timati

Pregnancy Rumors had been sparked by Anastasia herself. A few days ago, the beautiful woman posted a picture with an intriguing caption, disabling the possibility of commenting: "... In general, a person without a surprise inside, in his box, is not interesting ...".


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